German Companies Benefit Most From Globalization – Ernst And Young


The latest studies by Ernst and Young showed that German companies and businesses are benefiting the most from globalization and presented figures on Monday showing that 28 giant corporations listed on the DAX bourse index out of the overall 30 report 75 percent of overall sales outside Germany.

According to the study which considered 2010 performance and compared it to that of the year before, German companies are benefitting the most from globalization trends.

It added that except for Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank, the companies also showed greater growth outside Germany and greater hirings in offshore branches.

The figures showed that branches in Germany accounted only for roughly 25 percent of these companies’ earnings.

In terms of euro, the study said these companies make 75 cents of each euro earned from operations offshore.

It noted that in case of sports products, Adidas and Linde show just above nine percent of their sales taking place in branches at home.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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