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The Man Behind ‘Syria Revolution 2011’ Facebook-Page Speaks Out – OpEd


Administrator of the “Syrian Revolution 2011 Facebook Page” Speaks Out.

The official spokesman of the site lives in Sweden and leads Sweden’s chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood according to the Syrian press.

His name is فداء الدين طريف السيد عيسى  Fida’ ad-Din Tariif as-Sayyid `Isa, born 1985.

Syria Revolution 2011 is the most important webpage of the Syria revolution. It has over 130,000 members. It is the major source of news and Youtube videos about the Syrian revolution.

An account of how the video was captured and what happened to the Syria Revolution 2011 webpage on Saturday 2011, sent to me by a friend.

On Saturday afternoon, the suffered a sudden technical glitch. The main content page lost most of its content and its membership read only a few hundred rather than the nearly 138,000 members it had had.  Shortly after chrashing, a video appeared on the site.  In this video, a man – the administrator of the site – is seen angrily lashing out against those he believed had hacked the original Facebook page and taken it down.

Approximately 15 minutes later, a new message was loaded on the page. This message explained how it was an error by Facebook that brought the page down.  Shortly after the original page was restored along with the nearly 138,000 members who have joined.  The video accusing the Syrian authorities of having hacked the site was immediately taken down by the owner.  It has been sent to Syria Comment, which will presumably publish it.  The owner of the site “Syria Revolution 2011″ is clearly the same man that was mentioned by Champress a few weeks ago. In that article, it was revealed that the gentleman is based in Sweden and that he belongs to the Moslem Brotherhood.

فداء الدين طريف السيد عيسى من مواليد  عام 1985 ومنظم في جماعة “الاخوان المسلمين” ومدير لمكتبها في السويد ، وهو أحد أعضاء من يدعون اللجنة المؤقتة لإعلان دمشق المدعومة من جهات باتت معروفة بعداءها لـ سوريا

Here is another email about Fida’

All I know is that on March 22nd, Champress got it right when they said that he is the admin of the revolution page. Someone managed to get into his Facebook page and got all the photos in that article. Plus according to Champress:

ويظهر في صفحته الخاصة على الـ (فيس بوك) شعارات “للاخوان المسلمين” و صور تجمعه مع قيادات “للاخوان” في مصر ومحاضرات يلقيها على بعض الشباب في أماكن متفرقة.

وكان فداء بدأ بالظهورعلى بعض الأقنية الفضائية دون الكشف عن صورته ، ويحرص على تقديم نفسه بإسم حركي مختصر من اسمه الكامل ، وعمد بعد أخر ظهور له على قناة الـ بي بي سي والتي ظهر فيها بوجهه الحقيقي الى إزالة كافة صوره الموجودة على صفحته الشخصية.

ولدى الرجوع إلى بعض هذه اللقاءات يظهر فداء في لقاء مع قناة “بردى” الفضائية المعارضة في تاريخ 5 شباط الماضي و يتحدث عن دعواته للتظاهر ويزّل بكلمة “جماعتنا” المشهورة الاستخدام للدلالة على “الاخوان المسلمين” قبل أن يتراجع مخاطباً المذيع بأنه لا يريد أن تظهر الدعوة بأنها من “الجماعة” بل يريدها أن تظهر بأنها عفوية وشبابية لمخاطبة شرائح كبيرة من المجتمع السوري لجرها إلى التظاهر.

Also, on his Facebook profile he had photos of meetings he held with Egyptian brotherhood leaders, he had the logo of the brotherhood, but when he appeared on the BBC and exposed his identity, he removed all previous photos from his profile on FB.

Also, he spoke to Barada TV on Feb 5th and called upon the Syrian people to demonstrate in the streets using “جماعتنا” (which is normally used to imply the Muslim Brotherhood.

I don’t know much more, but I have the administrator’s original (first few weeks’) posts and they were big time ikhwan.

See the attached sample where one Egyptian comment says “Dear administrator: I wish you can reduce the heavy use of religious language, we want to attract the whole spectrum of people”


Also, you can check this Egyptian imam’s video (Fadel Suleiman) that the admin posted proudly

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  • May 3, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    I’m sorry, but I dislike Muslim Brothers. I believe that all faith-based organizations are dangerous and very far from the Western idea of democracy, secularism, and civil rights.


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