Saudi Ship Arrives In Jeddah Carrying 199 Evacuees From Sudan


By Mohammed Al-Kinani

A Saudi ship transporting 199 evacuees of different nationalities from Sudan arrived at the King Faisal Naval Base in Jeddah on Monday.

A Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement issued Monday read: “In continuation of the efforts made by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the directives of its wise leadership in evacuating its citizens and nationals of brotherly and friendly countries from the Republic of Sudan to the Kingdom, 10 Saudi citizens arrived in the city of Jeddah this evening, and the number of nationals of brotherly and friendly countries who were evacuated reached 189 people.”

It continued: “This brings the total of those who have been evacuated from Sudan since the start of the evacuation operations to about 356 people, 101 Saudi citizens and 255 others belonging to 26 nationalities.”

The evacuees included 104 Libyan citizens, 45 Lebanese, 15 Syrians, four Sudanese, three Iraqis, two Turkish people and one Swedish national.

As well as the 10 Saudi citizens also on board the ship, there were five British people and two evacuees from each Qatar, US and Italy, in addition to three nationals from the Netherlands and a Tanzanian person.

“Let me repeat what President Biden said on Sunday, we are thankful to Saudi Arabia and the people of Saudi Arabia,” Faris Y. Asad, Consul General of the US, told Arab News. “We are also thankful to our friends and partners in the Kingdom for all their assistance.”

He continued: “The Saudi government has been very forthright with us, with what’s going on, so we’re very appreciative of that, we look forward today to the arrival of our citizens.

“We have people from all different countries, we have been very impressed and thankful for that, for us, as a US government, there is no higher priority than the safety of our citizens abroad,” he added.

Speaking partly in Arabic, Cecille El-Beleidi, the British Consul-General, thanked the Kingdom for its efforts.

“I can confirm that a number of British nationals have made their way from Sudan to Jeddah,” she told Arab News. “They have been met by British diplomats and are receiving the full consular services,” she added.

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