Saudi-Led Coalition Announces 5-Day Truce In Yemen


Coalition Forces fighting Houthi militias in Yemen have declared a five-day cease-fire effective midnight Sunday.

A Saudi Press Agency said the decision was made upon the request of Yemen President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who said the truce is meant to allow delivery of humanitarian and medical assistance to people affected by the fighting.

Hadi’s supporters had earlier liberated the southern port city of Aden from Houthi rebels.

Since the liberation of Aden, Saudi Arabia has flown relief goods and medical supplies to the city. The United Arab Emirates also sent a planeload of supplies on Friday, said Maj. Gen. Ahmed Al-Assiri, spokesman of the Saudi-led coalition.

Coalition forces continue to bombard areas being held by Houthi militants and forces of ousted Yemen president Ali Abdullah Saleh, including the capital Sanaa and the central city of Taiz.

SPA said that in case of violation of the truce by rebels, the coalition reserves the right to respond appropriately.

Arab News

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