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Iran Claims It Has Disbanded Spy Network Affiliated With Mossad


The Iranian Intelligence Ministry said its forces have disbanded a network of agents affiliated with Israel’s spy agency that had been deployed to Iran to carry out terrorist operations. 


The Intelligence Ministry said in a statement on Saturday that members of a terrorist group affiliated with Mossad were identified and arrested by Iranian security forces before they could carry out any act of sabotage.

The ministry said the terrorists, who were in contact with Mossad agents through one of the neighboring countries, had sneaked into Iran from Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

Members of the spying network intended to carry out acts of sabotage and terrorist attacks in some sensitive areas by using the most up-to-date equipment as well as powerful explosives, it said.

However, the ministry said, all of its members were captured by “multi-stage and preemptive operations” of security forces, adding that “their weapons, explosives, as well technical and communication equipment were also discovered and confiscated.”

The statement also noted that further details about the operation will be announced after an investigation is complete, Press TV reported.


The ministry, however, did not clarify how many people were arrested.

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