Iran Uprising At A Glance – OpEd


Based on reporting from inside of Iran and monitoring by NetBlocks, the regime has severely disrupted Internet access all over the country as it began a widespread crackdown on demonstrations. This has affected reporting from inside Iran. Video clips and news of ongoing protests that have now entered their seventh day are just now arriving. 

Until now protests have been reported in more than a hundred cities across 30 provinces in Iran. Dozens of unarmed and defenseless Iranians protesting the regime’s violence and Mahsa Amini’s death in custody have been shot and killed. 

Social media posts showed protesters fending off security forces in many cities. In the city of Parand, a video clip surfaced that showed several security forces lying on the ground. Numerous police vehicles were seen to be torched. 

Security forces overwhelmed in the streets, are conducting extensive arrests by attacking private homes in various neighborhoods. Dressed in riot gear, they have violently entered homes and detained residents they suspect. 

A general strike in 14 cities, mostly in Kurdistan, held and continued for the fourth consecutive day. 

Protesters are torching government buildings and chanting: “Death to Khamenei!” referring to regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The brutality of the regime’s security forces in Iran.

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