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Morocco-Tanzania cooperation can play a crucial role in making King Mohammed VI current visit a success, which is very important to boost confidence and stimulate growth.

It takes two to tango, that’s why Morocco and Tanzania have to take every opportunity to strengthen cooperation in the economic area for the benefit of the two countries and the African economy.
Today King Mohammed VI and The Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli, presided over the signing ceremony of 22 bilateral agreements.

The Moroccan Press Agency MAP reported that these agreements involve economic, scientific and cultural cooperation, the establishment of a mechanism for political consultation, the field of hydrocarbons, energy, mining and geology, air transportation, agriculture, fisheries, fertilizers, renewable energy, tourism, culture insurance in Tanzania, the promotion of industrial and logistical clusters, and the development of logistical and railway corridors between Tanzania’s ports and industrial clusters.

These agreements touch also on the partnership between the two countries’ employer associations, health, the banking sector, the promotion and funding of trade and investment in Africa, insurance, as well as the setting up of a unit for upmarket tea packaging.

The agreements, which are meant to foster the legal framework governing bilateral cooperation, are in line with the royal vision seeking to reinforce south-south partnership.

In a speech on the occasion, the Tanzanian president thanked HM the King for his official visit to Tanzania along with an important delegation.

“Tanzania is ready to cooperate with all its strength with You”, said president Magufuli, who underlined that the 22 cooperation agreements, inked today, will contribute to the industrialization, transformation and modernization of the economy of Tanzania, a country boasting important natural and mining resources.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Tanzanian minister of foreign affairs and East Africa Augustine Mahiga lauded the fact that these agreements will write a new chapter in the history of relations between Morocco and Tanzania, noting that the visit of HM the King helped promote bilateral ties diplomatically and economically.

Mahiga hailed the holding, over the past three days in Dar es Salaam, of the 1st Moroccan-Tanzanian trade and investment forum, marked by the participation of a host of officials and economic operators from both countries.

Tanzanian minister of industry, trade and investment Charles John Mwijage submitted, on this occasion, recommendations of the report on the Moroccan-Tanzanian trade and investment forum, underlining the importance of this first meeting that will give a boost to economic cooperation.

The Tanzanian minister noted that the said recommendations include the reinforcement of air routes between the two countries through direct flights.

Moroccan foreign minister Salaheddine Mezouar, for his part, affirmed that HM the King’s official visit to Tanzania is historic as it opens a new page in bilateral relations, stressing that it is high time to work hand in hand to build a sustainable partnership. Mezouar noted that the signature of these 22 agreements mirrors the tangible model of south-south cooperation as advocated by His Majesty the King in favor of the promotion and the development of Africa. Chairwoman of the Moroccan employers’ association (CGEM) Miriem Bensalah-Chaqroun commended the huge efforts by Tanzania regarding economic transformation, as part of the country’s 2025 development vision.

Undoubtedly, both countries will synergize their policy tools and make their institutional dialogue architecture more result-oriented and forward-looking’ in the coming years. It is quite in the range of possibility as the leaders of both the countries are dynamic and capable of taking quick decisions.

Morocco and Tanzania are aware that collaboration is mutually advantageous. Consequently the various agreements in diverse areas concluded today will ensure that Morocco and Tanzania’s nascent interactions become regular, predictable, and permanent. Besides, these agreements will affirm Morocco and Tanzania’s commitment to conduct their dealings within a rules-based framework, thereby allowing their interaction to become orderly and sustainable. Moroccan-Tanzanian relations are set for an unprecedented leap for the benefit of both the countries.

Said Temsamani

Said Temsamani is a Moroccan political observer and consultant, who follows events in his country and across North Africa. He is a member of Washington Press Club.

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