Morocco: After Rail Crash, An Incredible Show Of Solidarity Of Blood Donors – OpEd


The shuttle train linking the capital, Rabat, to the town of Kenitra that derailed last week left at least seven people died and 86 were injured official sources reported. However the tragic derailment created an overwhelming line of blood donors, especially among young Moroccans, that overcrowded blood donation centers in the capital of Morocco as an incredible sign of solidarity with the victims. As the nation responded to that terrible tragedy, those close to the scene – not only firefighters, law enforcement officials, government officials- but also taxi drivers who offered free rides to commuters, doctors opened their offices to offer free medical checkups to victims with minor injuries and families living near the scene hosted travelers and their families.

Local media posted poignant photos of hundreds of citizens especially the youth lined up Rabat streets in an effort to donate blood to the victims of the crash. The spontaneous response was so overwhelming that some donation centers mobilized all their staff and called off duty-doctors and nurses to assist with this noble humanitarian initiative. Facebook and Instagram users kept mobilizing their friends and followers to join massively this initiative in an act of bravery and heartwarming human solidarity.

The solidarity of Moroccans mesmerizes outsiders and the international media, how the community comes together to help friends and strangers in this time of solidarity. It’s an awe-worthy expression of the meaning of community – an alliance helping other citizens because they share one common bond as citizens of Morocco. The togetherness of Moroccans demonstrates, if need be, what it means to be Moroccan. Everyone fulfills his/her duty as a citizen by ensuring that in such difficult times, the community should come together. The courage, strength, and unity is an inspiration to all of us and reminds cities and countries to never forget that they are one big family.

Said Temsamani

Said Temsamani is a Moroccan political observer and consultant, who follows events in his country and across North Africa. He is a member of Washington Press Club.

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