Yemen: Protests Against Immunity For President Saleh


Tens of thousands of young people took to the streets Thursday in Yemen’s capital Sana’a challenging theGulf Initiative that was signed Wednesday by President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Riyadh, and which, in the intentions of the promoters (the Gulf Cooperation Council), should put an end to political crisis in Yemen, reports MISNA.

“The youths chanted slogans against Saleh – who signed the agreement thus obtaining immunity – and demanded that the Yemeni president be indicted for the victims of the bloody repression carried out in recent months by security forces, especially the Republican Guard,” said Sami al-Ashwal, editor of ‘la voix du Yemen’ to MISNA, speaking from Sana’a.

According to al-Ashwal, “These young people are unrelated to the opposition parties that are also challenging the plan and who expect to continue the protests in the coming days. Unfortunately, as was the case during the beginning of the crisis there are victims, now at least five people have been killed by Saleh’s supporters of Saleh and 84 others were injured.”

By the end of the day, said al-Ashwal, the opposition could choose a potential candidate to lead the next government of transition.

“Meanwhile – adds the Yemeni journalist – along with those who protest there are those who celebrate the departure of the president Saleh. In particular, Sheikh Sadiq al-Ahmar and General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar who have been supporting anti-government demonstrators for months. Protests and demonstrations against the agreement brokered by the Gulf Cooperation Council were held in Sana’a as well as all major cities in the country. “


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