Brussels airport returns to near normal traffic


After days of heavy snow and dark cloudy skies the sun appeared on the skies of Belgium on Saturday easing the flow of air, road and rail traffic.

Brussels airport announced today that two out of three runways are operational.

“We have cleaned enough snow to be able to return to normal winter operations. We expect practically no cancellations except for destinations with snow problems like Frankfurt and Zurich. Delays are possible,” said the airport in a statement posted on its website.

Belgian media reports said fifty people had to spend Friday night at Brussels Airport night due to the problems caused by the snow.

The weather still remains very cold with temperatures in Brussels dropping to minus 3 degrees Celsius.

Due to snow still lying on the roads, driving is hazardous on many roads on the country and traffic authorities are urging motorists to drive slowly and keep their distances.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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