American Expats Rubbish Trump


By Hussam Al-Mayman

Americans residing in Saudi Arabia have denounced Republican front runner Donald Trump for his anti-Muslim remarks.

Trump has called for a ban on Muslims coming to the US and proposed mass deportations of Muslims, singling Muslims out for surveillance, closing mosques and even forcing American Muslims to register as part of a national database and carry special identification.

Arab News reached out to Americans residing in Saudi Arabia, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, to get their views regarding the latest storm of Islamophobic remarks made by the Trump.

Hudaifah Alamreeki, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, thinks it is very sad that the American people have allowed politicians to turn politics into a circus.

He added: “America itself was founded on liberty and justice for all and also based on freedom of religion as the first settlers escaped from religious persecution in England. We have to be very careful as Trump is proposing the same solutions to the American people as Hitler did to the Germans.”

David McCarthy, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, said: “Donald Trump does not represent the majority of Americans and his views are unconstitutional. America is a diverse country of immigrants and that’s what makes America strong. As an American, I welcome all people to my country.”

John Oberlin of Massillon, Ohio, thinks that Trump’s comments are the latest proof of the intellectual and ethical bankruptcy of both the leading US parties. One party is unconstitutionally coercing citizens into contracts, via the Affordable Care Act. The other is fronting a candidate that proposes barring immigrants based on religion — another clearly unconstitutional proposition.

“I’d advise Americans and those following US politics to stop feeding the beast, turn off the mainstream media, read more history and philosophy and research and support more principled parties such as the Libertarian Party or the Green Party,” added Oberlin.

Oberlin said: “In a holistic sense, Trump’s comments are raising a national discourse that has provoked a particular thought process in the minds of Americans, on which prior to this many of them may have never reflected deeply.”

“Considering other historical challenges to the US constitutional ideal (such as African slavery, sexist and racist voting rules, Japanese internment camps, anti-Communist witch hunts, and other discriminatory policies), I feel fairly confident that Americans will raise their level of consciousness once again and stand on the side of liberty. Now, in most parts of the country, there’s no serious problem if someone is a Japanese female voting member of the communist party married to a black woman. People will certainly disagree with her choices, but I think in general the law would protect these choices,” Oberlin explained.

Goldie AlJuaid, from Tucson, Arizona, said: “Donald Trump has proven that the fabric that made America great is deteriorating. Not only by the fact that he doesn’t respect the constitutional rights of American citizens but by the fact that there appear to be many who agree with denying rights to fellow citizens. I must admit, it is very eye opening.”

AlJuad added: “I am American, born in the US and my family has been ranching and farming the land for well over 400 years. According to Trump and his followers, I am one of those people (Muslim) that need to be identified as a danger. He has planted seeds of hatred and we know others share his views. It makes me feel unsafe even in my own home.”

She concluded by adding, “As in Christianity, Islam has many different sects. Catholic, Mormon, Baptist — if asked, they all claim to represent Christianity. They do not represent each other. Daesh does not represent me! Islam has many sects just like Christianity. I’m not one of ‘those people’.”

Earlier this month President Barrack Obama addressed the nation in the wake of the tragic San Bernardino killings in a speech which concluded by saying: “Muslim Americans are our friends and neighbors, our coworkers, our sports heroes, and yes, they are our men and women in uniform who are willing to die in defense of our country. We have to remember that.”

The First Amendment to the US constitution prohibits the creation of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press and interfering with the right to peaceably gather.

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