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Russia: Opposition Responsible For Syria Truce Violations


The Russian Foreign Ministry on Thursday accused the Syrian opposition of resorting to “terrorist tactics” reminiscent of the methods of Al Qaeda, and has held opponents responsible for most of the violations of the cease-fire.

“In Syria, there is another part, opposition groups that use the tactic of massive terrorism,” said the spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Loukachevitchduring his weekly press conference.”The of acts of terrorism committed on Syrian territory aimed at inflicting the maximum number of civilian casualties and destruction of civilian infrastructure. It is like what is happening in Iraq, Yemen and other places where there are Al Qaeda cells and its related supporters, “he said. The spokesman said that the Syrian authorities violated the cease-fire declared April 12 by international envoy Kofi Annan, but the opposition was primarily responsible for fighting. “Usually this happens because of the actions of the armed opposition that push Syrian security forces to retaliate,” he said

Violence in Syria left at least 11,100 dead in just over 13 months of a popular revolt which was gradually.

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