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Saudi Arabia Minister Of Higher Education Applauds PMU Achievements


Saudi Arabia Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Khalid Al-Anqari lauded the achievements of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) since its inception. He expressed such views in the Third International Exhibition for Higher Education held in Riyadh recently.

Dr. Khalid Al-Anqari acknowledged PMU achievements while sharing his thoughts with Rector Dr. Issa Al-Ansari: “This University has not only evaluated but accelerated to greater heights in short period.”

The Minister also professed that PMU has potentiality so distinguishes itself from others. “He believes that its remarkable contributions would make the future bright for which it is best prepared.” “It grooms youths to excel in respective academic streams through modern education,” he said.

Rector Dr. Issa Al-Ansari pointed out on “PMU’s latest infrastructure which is a prerequisite to attain current position—global acceptance. “We nourish our students and prepare for the present job market needs,” he said.

Dr. Al-Anqari advised Rector, Dr. Al-Ansari that PMU must promote research activities by encouraging studies for such areas. He felt pleasure while reacting on this university’s exceptional initiatives. “It is good that it builds relationships with local and international institutions and corporate to fulfil objectives,” he expressed his views.

PMU participation in this Exhibition was an avenue for exchanging ideas with 450 local and international universities. The PMU pavilion defined its historic establishment story and the developmental stages.

Its pavilion also described future plans and scientific and academic research avenues frames for future. As Exhibition encouraged cooperation and building partnerships between educational institutes worldwide to enhance joint understanding, PMU explored new steps to lead.

Ministers of higher education from Morocco, Lebanon and New Zealand were prominent figures who attended this Exhibition. Key figures representing participating universities from around the world made this venue best for idea exchange.

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