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Saudi Arabia: Inaugurated Al-Dweihi Gold Mine In Makkah


By Mohammed Al-Sulami

Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal inaugurated the Al-Dweihi gold mine and factory, and some basic mining projects in Makkah, in the presence of Prince Faisal bin Turki, adviser at the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, and Maaden CEO Khalid bin Saleh Al-Mudaifer.

Those present were shown how gold bullions are made, marking the launch of the mine.

Prince Khaled expressed satisfaction with the inauguration of the mine and related projects in Makkah, which “will benefit our homeland during the blessed reign of King Salman, and aims to achieve a stable development in all parts of the Kingdom,” as part of the national development strategy which is the focus of great attention in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Prince Khaled also commended the efforts of the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources and of Maaden industrial projects, which are going to have a positive impact on the people of Makkah.

Prince Faisal bin Turki thanked Prince Khaled for lending his patronage to Al-Dweihi gold mine and factory, a major project that helps develop mining in the province.

Prince Faisal said opening Al-Dweihi and Al-Souq mines in this region rich in gold reserves conforms with the Vision 2030, and the goals and initiatives of the National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020 related to energy and industry.

The mining sector is a promising industry that is bound to create more job opportunities and have a substantial contribution to the national domestic product.

According to Prince Faisal, one of the initiatives that will help achieve these goals is the establishment of gold centers in the central and northern areas of the Kingdom.

Prince Faisal stressed that increasing the wealth of Saudis is one of the most important goals of the Kingdom’s leadership, and pointed out that the Saudi mining sector has a great contribution to the industrial sector.

The projects in Ras Al-Khair and Waad for mining industries are examples of what the Kingdom can achieve as a result of the cooperation among the various state establishments in this field.

Maaden chief Al-Mudaifer thanked Prince Khaled for inaugurating the project, stressing that it is an honor for the company’s 700 employees to have the patronage of the Makkah governor.

He said Maaden’s move to develop the Kingdom’s gold reserve is one of its priorities. Together with other leaders in the Saudi mining sector, including phosphate, aluminum, copper and industrial minerals, the gold-mining sector will contribute to achieving the Vision 2030 and the goals of the National Transformation Program (NTP) 2020.

He said “the company’s administration is proud to manage six gold mines,” foremost of which are the historical Mahd gold mine, Balghah, in Madinah, Al-Skheirat, in Al-Qasim, Al-Souq, in Makkah, Al-Amar, in Riyadh and Al-Dweihi.

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