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Resistance, History And Understanding: Tackling UK Institutional Racism


The extent of institutional racism in Britain is the subject of a course led by a University of Greenwich researcher and author this week.

Dr Adam Elliott-Cooper will present the three-day online course Racism, Anti Racism and Policing in Britain, on 26, 28 and 30 April.

He said: “The first day of the course will examine the history of British institutions, both on the mainland and in the colonies. This will enable people to better understand the historical roots of British racism.

“The second day we will examine the different definitions of racism and institutional racism, to improve our conceptual understanding of the topic. We will also look of how institutional racism can be found in 21stcentury Britain in areas including criminal justice, the media and education.

“The third day of the programme will focus on resistance. We will look at how Britain’s Black Power movement challenged racist institutions, how the Stephen Lawrence Campaign made ‘institutional racism’ a commonly-used term, and how recent movements, such as Black Lives Matter, are pushing for alternatives to existing institutions in Britain.”

The course is aimed at students and researchers with an interest in race, inequalities and social change. It is also for policy-makers and practitioners, working on issues relating to racism or with groups of people effected by institutional racism.

Dr Elliott-Cooper added: “Those working with people affected by institutional racism have an obligation to better understand these issues in order to work towards an anti-racist place of study, work or social life.

“No institution in Britain is free from racism. It shapes knowledge production in Britain, so it is vital that students, teachers and researchers have a strong understanding of institutional racism and how it can be challenged.”

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