Egypt: Christians Tell Morsi “We Want A Civil, Modern And Democratic State’


“A civil, democratic and modern State” is the image of Egypt advocated in a letter of congratulations that the Catholic Coptic Church of Egypt has sent to Mohammed Morsi, which has been declaed the winner of the Egyptian presidential elections by the National Electoral Commission, having 51.7% of the votes.

“We congratulated the president who has earned the trust of the Egyptian people – Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, said to MISNA, Apostolic Nuncio in Cairo – hoping that with the help of God and his conscience he might be able to lead the country in the interests of all its children, in order to safeguard the cohesion of the social fabric. ”

In the speeches of the candidate Morsi “we heard words of cooperation and an unwavering attention to the national interest – says the Vatican representative – and therefore the hope that, through the improvement of institutions, he might establish a civil, modern and democratic state that ensures peace and social justice. ”

It is important, says Monsignor Fitzgerald, “that Egypt resume, after difficult years, its rightful role not only in the regional but in the international context as well.”

Yesterday, after the official declaration of his victory, Morsi has promised to be “president of all Egyptioans, Muslims and Christians, old, children, youth and women” and called on the country to aim towards “national unity” that is “the only way to overcome difficult times. “The new president, the first democratically elected leader and the the first not to emerge from the Armed Forces, has assured that his government “will respect international covenants and treaties.”


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