The FBI Spends Millions Of Dollars Creating And ‘Uncovering’ Their Own Fake Terrorist Plots – OpEd


The majority of alleged terrorist attacks stopped by the United States (US) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are entrapments and stings that were planned, funded, supplied, and controlled by the FBI and their aggressive, highly incentivized informants, who recruit and entrap pseudo terrorists.  Most of the people arrested in these FBI skits would not have been involved in these activities, were it not for the incessant pressure, extensive assistance, and cash enticements offered by the FBI and their informants.  Virtually none of the suspects had the ability or capacity to do anything on their own.

Some FBI informants and snitches – whom the FBI refers to as Confidential Human Sources (CHS) – can earn over $250,000 for their participation in these theatrical charades.  With cash incentives of up to $500,000 or more per year for their work.  CHS can make $40,000 to $100,000 on cases that require less time and work, or that they provide secondary assistance with.  Informants have profitable reasons to hustle, hype, and lie to keep the cash coming in.  Some become millionaires after working multiple cases.  Informants and snitches are terms that are often used interchangeably.

If the case involves the seizure of assets – including cash and property – the incentivized informer or snitch can collect 25 percent of their value, in addition to lucrative fees and bonuses.  This can be a significant incentive in drug cases, but it can also generate additional payments in other cases, as well.

Informants can also have their current criminal charges and pending or current jail sentences reduced or eliminated.  FBI agents have allowed some informants to continue their criminal activities, without consequences.  The FBI selectively enforces or ignores laws as they choose, to persecute law-abiding citizens and ignore illegal and unethical activities by FBI agents, informants, snitches, contractors, and others.

The FBI has used informants throughout its history.  Most have been criminals cutting deals to reduce or eliminate criminal charges, or opportunist collecting cash payments.  During the United States Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), an increasing number have been conniving criminals and scheming manipulators, attracted by the lucrative financial incentives and the enticing, “Get Out of Jail” privileges offered by the FBI.

The FBI’s massive increase in funding, due to the increasingly flawed GWOT, combined with its greatly diminished legal and accountability requirements, has turned the FBI into a freewheeling, money machine that spews cash payments to unscrupulous informants, fake terrorists, and others, some of whom continue to commit crimes.  

The FBI plays fast-and-loose with US taxpayer’s money, while cutting thousands of deals with criminals, charlatans, and scammers, who will operate as FBI informants.   Many of them work off the record.  These deals have little oversight or accountability.  The FBI and their financially bribed, ethically-challenged Confidential Human Sources abuse and ignore US citizens’ constitutional rights and the rule of law.  The FBI has historically disregarded US laws and judicial procedures if they impeded illegal FBI activities, but during the GWOT, it appears the FBI has virtually abandoned them.

The tactics used by the FBI and other US government agencies during the GWOT are more typical of totalitarian regimes, than the constitutional ideals of the US.  Critics claim the FBI and other government agencies, operate like Nazi Gestapo, consumed with the surveillance, organized gang stalking, and harassment of its citizens, and the destruction of people and groups who criticize or expose the flawed polices of the United States, including endless wars and an erosion of constitutional rights.

The FBI’s CHS program allows dangerous and habitual criminals, who agree to work with the FBI, to escape justice and continue to threaten society, while the inept dupes in FBI terrorism scams, are often relatively harmless to incompetent, by comparison.  The sociopaths among the FBI’s CHS are skilled at manipulating people, convincing them to do things that they would typically avoid.  Additionally, the FBI provides their CHS with tips and tricks on how to get their human targets to agree to do things they normally would not do.  The FBI enables their CHS to entice those playing fake terrorists, with payments and promises of “lots of money,” luring in hesitant and destitute players.

The FBI has a long history of shielding their informants and knowingly and deliberately sending innocent people to prison.  For example, in the 1965 murder of Edward Deegan, the FBI had detailed knowledge that two of their informants were planning the murder of Deegan, but did nothing to stop it.  After Deegan was killed, FBI agents and one of the killers – an FBI informant named Joseph “The Animal” Barboza – helped frame four innocent African-American men for the homicide.  The FBI took an active role, advising their informant how to lie to get the four innocent men convicted.  An FBI agent testified that Barboza, a habitual liar who had killed Deegan and many others, “was an honest person whose testimony could be trusted.  

The FBI had additional evidence that would have cleared the four men of erroneous homicide charges, but withheld it from the trial.  The FBI further sullied justice by repeatedly refusing to submit or release the evidence – in spite of multiple requests – that would have exonerated the four innocent men during thirty year efforts to get their fraudulent convictions overturned.  After the four innocent men were convicted, FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover – who knew the men were framed – sent commendations and cash bonuses to the two FBI agents who tutored Joseph “The Animal” Barboza to create his compelling testimony of lies.  FBI agents in the local office celebrated the four convictions, though they knew the men were innocent.

In another 1965 case, Thomas Rowe, an FBI informant was involved in the murder of 39-year-old Viola Liuzzo, a white civil rights worker, who had traveled to Alabama to support the cause.  Mrs. Liuzzo, who was married and had children, had been transporting activists back to Selma, Alabama, following Martin Luther King’s Selma to Montgomery march for civil rights.   She was transporting Leroy Moton, a young black civil rights activist, when four Ku Klux Klan (KKK) members – including Rowe – spotted the occupants and began chasing them, shooting Viola Liuzzo when they pulled alongside her car.  Moton survived by pretending to be dead.

J. Edgar Hoover and other officials at the FBI repeatedly lied to the media and others, in an effort to defend Rowe and the KKK, by initiating a shameful character assassination of Viola Liuzzo.  They falsely claimed she was a heroin-addicted, Communist, who had abandoned her family to have sex with black men.  The FBI’s lies sullied the reputation of the dead woman in their effort to make it appear that she was responsible for her own murder.  The FBI’s narrative was that Viola Liuzzo was unworthy of empathy or justice.

The blatancy with which crimes are covered up and innocent suspects accused and convicted by the FBI, reflects the depth of depravity within the FBI that has existed since its origin in 1924, continuing through the vile 48-year reign of J. Edgar Hoover, on through current FBI activities.  This legacy of crimes and abuse provides perspective on current FBI activities, including entrapments fabricated by incentivized informants and the FBI, which is striving to get unwarranted media coverage and public acclaim.

The FBI have selectively enforced or ignored laws during the last 100 years.  J. Edgar Hoover, the first Director of the FBI, who held power from 1924 to 1972, used intimidation and blackmail to retain control until his death May 2, 1972 at age 77.  The US government had a mandatory retirement policy at age 70, but it was waived for Hoover and his “companion,” Clyde Tolson, who Hoover promoted to Deputy Director, to assist Hoover at the FBI.  Clyde Tolson was Hoover’s constant “companion” in his private life, as well, accompanying Hoover to and from work, lunch, business trips, social engagements, restaurants, nightclubs, vacations, and virtually everywhere else.  They were inseparable, even dressing alike.  In his will, Hoover left his home and estate to Tolson.  It was worth about $640,000 in 1972, with a value of over $3 million, today.

Soliciting Informants, Enticing Dupes, 

In addition to providing criminals with a revolving door of justice if they become informants, the FBI monitors immigration, looking for people they can coerce into becoming informants.  They especially target Muslim immigrants facing deportation.  Some of these deportation cases are initiated at the request of the FBI to provide them with leverage to pressure desperate, frightened people into becoming FBI informants.  

The FBI will help those who cooperate to stay in the US, expanding the FBI’s growing network of informants and spies that was over 15,000 by 2011, ten years after the attacks of 9/11.  This was the largest domestic spy network in US history.  It was ten times the amount of spies and informants the FBI had during the deadly and despicable COINTELPRO operations (1956 – 1971, and perhaps, longer).  It’s unknown how many CHS the FBI has today, or the total amount they’ve had, to date.

The FBI requests customs and immigration officials at ports of entry and airports to pull specific types of people out of line and have them escorted to nearby offices to meet with FBI agents.  The feds use a mix of intimidation and enticements to “encourage” or threaten people to become FBI informants.  The FBI has maliciously gotten people deported or imprisoned on dubious charges, if they refused to become informants.

The FBI has a scandalous history, from its origin in 1924 to their current activities, including the FBI’s malicious attacks on African American civil rights leaders and groups to ongoing Stasi-like surveillance and malicious, organized gang stalking of law-abiding citizens, who became known as “Targeted Individuals” (TI’s).  The Stasi were the dreaded secret police of the German Democratic Republic (GDR).  Ethically-challenged FBI agents have much in common with ethically-challenged FBI informants.  It appears that all of them – feds and felons – believe that anything goes, making constitutional and human rights irrelevant, because they believe the end justifies the means, no matter how illegal or unethical it is, or how many innocent people are harmed or destroyed.  

False informant testimony is a leading cause of “unlawful” convictions.  The integrity of FBI informants is often suspect.  Add to this the dual motivations of avoiding prison and / or gaining large cash payments, and it creates situations that undermine justice.  In many cases, the FBI informant is a worse character and more of a criminal threat to society than the people he is trying to entrap.  In most terrorist cases created by the FBI, the alleged terrorists posed no actual threats, lacking the capacity, funding, resources, weapons, and motivation to initiate an attack without the extensive, ongoing help of the FBI.

The distinction here is that the arrest and convictions are “unlawful” actions, when deceit, lies, and illegal manipulation are used by the FBI, their informants, and / or the prosecutor.  A “wrongful” arrest or conviction is one where mistakes may have occurred from police procedures, prosecution, witnesses, and trial, but they were not deliberately made, as they are in “unlawful” cases.  Duplicity becomes more frequent, after informants have worked a few cases, learning to manipulate the system with the aid of FBI handlers.  Informant deceit often increases, as they get addicted to the easy money.

At this point, many informants become more aggressive and manipulative in their attempts to entice people to participate in terrorism scams.  Informants will tell more lies, claiming radical activity and statements are occurring in a mosque – to keep the operation in play and their money coming in – when nothing is happening.  They’ll also lie about what suspects said or did, to encourage unjustified investigations, and ongoing dubious terrorism plots, arrests, and convictions, so they can stay on salary and get bigger performance bonuses.

A lot is at stake for informants.  Providing the “right” information – truthful or not – can get current criminal charges and jail sentences reduced or dropped.  It can also provide them with significant cash incentives and other benefits, paid for by US taxpayers.

Targeting Vulnerable People to Create Terrorists Cells

The FBI creates terrorists by bribing and badgering informants into persuading people to act like terrorists.  The FBI and their informants focus on finding vulnerable people, many of whom have intellectual, psychological, and / or emotional disabilities, in addition to financial issues and other problems.  FBI informants recruit people who are lonely, poor, unemployed, undereducated, mentally ill, young, immature, desperate, or have other vulnerabilities or needs they can exploit.  If poverty-ridden recruits want to back out of participation in terrorism skits, the FBI will keep increasing their cash incentives (aka: US taxpayers money), until they agree to participate.  The FBI creates their own terrorist plots, because it’s so rare for the FBI to find any legitimate terrorists.

Many FBI agents lack the knowledge and skills to find real terrorists or understand their operations.  The fact that the FBI has over 15,000 informants and uses unethical and illegal tactics to gain information, reflects how unqualified and incompetent the FBI is at handling counterterrorism.  The FBI uses numerous informants to compensate for their limited abilities.  Arrogant, obtuse FBI agents want to “appear” to be smart, savvy, and effective, but lack the capacity to achieve this on their own.  Bribing and intimidating people to provide them with information, and forcing informants to set up inept, destitute dupes, enables FBI agents to “pretend” to be knowledgeable, skilled, and effective.

The FBI encourages informants to build personal relationships with targets to make it easier to manipulate them.  FBI agents and informants are looking for easy prey, whom they can engage, entice, and coerce, using a combination of money, perks, and praise.  They find it easier to create fictional terrorist threats by persuading and pressuring damaged, destitute, and desperate people into becoming dubious terrorists, instead of trying to find real ones.  Some of the FBI’s alleged “terrorists” were so indigent, inept, or both, that FBI informers had to drive them to their targets, so they could be arrested.

In his lectures and reports, Mike German, a former FBI Special Agent, who worked on counterterrorism for 14 years, has been critical of the FBI’s terrorist entrapment programs.  German says that the people being targeted and entrapped by the FBI are not major threats, having diminished capacity, with most of them having no access to weapons unless they are provided to them by the FBI.

Mike German notes that the people enticed and entrapped as terrorists by the FBI and their informants had no ties to terrorists groups, stating, “Most terrorists have links to foreign terrorist groups and have trained in terrorism training camps. Perhaps FBI resources should be spent finding those guys.”  Mike German added, “When the FBI undercover agent or informant is the only purported link to a real terrorist group, supplies the motive, designs the plot and provides all the weapons, one has to question whether they [FBI] are combating terrorism or creating it.”

Searching for Easy “Marks”

The FBI and their informants engage people in chat rooms, social media, mosques, and other locations, guiding conversations to gauge their potential for exploitation and entrapment.  The FBI tells informants to look for vulnerable Muslims with issues, from immigration and financial to criminal and personal, so they can be threatened or coerced to become informants or fake terrorists.  FBI agents and their informants view the general public the way street hustlers and muggers measure the vulnerability of potential “marks” in tourist areas.  All of these predators – feds and felons – are looking for weaknesses and flaws they can exploit, regardless of the legality of their actions.

Virtually none of the FBI informant visits to mosques and similar locations are investigations of known terrorists or terror plots.  They are predatory “fishing trips” looking for vulnerable and marginalized humans, whom manipulative informants can trick, intimidate, or coerce into acting like terrorists for fictional FBI terrorism plots.  The FBI’s tactics are increasing animosity towards the FBI among Muslims.  The FBI’s arrogant, abusive and deceitful approach towards Muslims, intimidates and insults the people, whose help they need to identify real radicals and potential threats.

Some FBI’s informants are seeking elimination of criminal charges, release from an immigration hold, residency in the US, or other benefits, in addition to cash payments.  It appears that neither the FBI, nor their scheming informers, are concerned with the legality of entrapments or the fact that virtually none of the people they entrap would ever be a legitimate terrorist threat.  Once the FBI informants find vulnerable “marks,” they lead, steer, bribe, and coerce them into making incriminating recorded statements that create the false impression they have ties to actual terrorists.  This feeds the FBI’s phony narratives, creating evidence that can make nonthreatening, duped civilians look like menacing terrorists to an ill-informed judge, jury, media, and public.

Suspects recruited to be terrorists have been recorded requesting money they’ve been promised.  It’s obvious that some of the fake terrorists are scammers, playing along to get as much cash as they can, before they quit and flee.  Fictional FBI terrorism skits are a waste of money.  They do not make the country safer.  The FBI’s obsession to keep creating phony terrorists, instead of looking for real ones, undermines security.  

The FBI knows these are sham cases, so they add coerced videos and other dubious evidence to make the bogus cases look legitimate, when the suspects posed no actual threats.  As noted by their reported comments, FBI agents recognize these are shams and scams, when they ridicule the stupidity of the alleged terrorists they’re entrapping, noting that some of them would be unlikely to find their way to a target, or do anything that was planned, if they found it.

During increased personal interaction, the FBI and their informants will use friendship, flattery, financial incentives, and other inducements to coerce vulnerable people into pretending to be terrorists.  Some financially desperate recruits agree to go along with the informant’s plot solely for the purpose of reaping the initial cash incentives and perks, prior to quitting, before they have to carry out the activity.  Other recruits will continue playing along for the promise of generous cash bonuses.

While many fake terrorists are attracted by the cash incentives for personal rewards or living expenses, others have been driven by desperation, from saving themselves or relatives from eviction to paying for the medical operation of a family member.  The FBI and their informants exploit the emotional, psychological, and financial problems of others, scheming and hustling to lure vulnerable, desperate people with lucrative financial rewards and other incentives.  This is the FBI’s warped version of the GWOT.

Hiding Behind the USA Patriot Act and National Security

The FBI and other US government agencies exploit the USA Patriot Act and similar flawed policies and laws for devious purposes, while simultaneously making claims that revealing specific details (aka: the truth) about terrorism entrapments and other flawed or criminal operations, could be damaging to national security, putting the county and the population at risk.  This type of deceit is the norm for the FBI and many other US agencies and officials, during the deeply flawed and counterproductive GWOT.

Virtually none of the information being protected would damage national security if it were revealed.  Deceitful federal agencies and officials use this excuse because the details revealed would be embarrassing to US government agencies and officials, potentially calling for congressional investigations and criminal indictments.  Concealing information about illicit and ill-advised US government policies and operations – in the US and abroad – that needlessly and recklessly incite animosity towards the United States, puts the US population more at risk.  Exposure of flawed policies – and evil to inept officials – enables bad policies to be corrected and problem officials to be ousted.

The US approach to fighting the GWOT significantly increases the threat of terrorism, instead of reducing it.  Aggressive and asinine US policies and military operations empower terrorist organizations and insurgencies, providing them with more recruits, donations, and support, while undermining the capacity of the US and its allies to counter them.  Identifying flawed US activities in specific countries and communities can help contain and reverse these negative drivers, enabling competent, US officials to address the issues, mend relationships, and facilitate cooperation and support. 

US citizens are much more at risk from the illegal and unethical activities, attacks, surveillance, and intimidation carried out by the FBI and other US government agencies and contractors, than from terrorists – foreign or domestic.  Transparency in these matters is essential, with congressional investigations, human rights organizations, and the media holding these agencies and their officials accountable for the extensive illegal and unethical tactics used against law-abiding US citizens and others.

The FBI Strives to Conceal Their Questionable Tactics

The FBI’s focus on creating informant led terror cells enables the FBI to show good results that generate media coverage and praise.  Creating fictional terrorist plots is an easy way to fabricate the appearance that terrorists’ threats are everywhere and that the FBI Counterterrorism Division is skilled and successful at stopping them.

The FBI conceals or diminishes the role of their informants and money spent to create “fictional” terrorist plots to justify the $3 billion the FBI gets annually to stop “real” plots.  The FBI plays up the terrorist cells’ weapons and targets that were provided by the FBI.

The FBI downplays or withholds the following facts and more: 

1) The alleged terrorists were recruited, paid, and empowered by the FBI. 

2) Most of the fake terrorists lack the intelligence, resources, weapons, money, contacts, capacity, and motivation to pose a threat or carry out an attack, without the FBI guiding, directing, and supporting them, virtually every step of the process.

3) The alleged terrorists have had no training, ties, or interactions with any terrorist organization, nor are they ever likely to have any interactions with real terrorists.

4) Recordings of fake terrorists pledging allegiance to a terrorist organization are due to an FBI informant asking them to repeat what he said or wrote, so he can hear how it sounds or some other excuse.  The FBI wants to make it appear the pseudo terrorists are menacing threats, who have ties to real terrorists, when they don’t, and never will.

5) The plot, targets, weapons, and supplies all come from the FBI to raise fears of terrorism, enhance the image of the FBI at uncovering threats, justify illicit surveillance, and encourage extensive coverage of these fake plots by the media and others.

6) The FBI conceals the fact that the weapons supplied by the FBI were modified to be harmless, and with the FBI controlling the terrorists, their arrest was assured, so there was no actual threat in these fictional FBI productions.

James Wedick, a retired FBI agent, with 35 years of service, called informants the most dangerous individuals on the planet.  Wedick states that the FBI should be spending their time on trying to identify and catch real terrorists, instead of wasting their time with fake ones.  Other former FBI officials and counterterrorism experts, say the same thing.

The FBI’s Confidential Human Source Policy Guide

A publication titled, “THE ATTORNEY GENERAL’S GUIDELINES REGARDING THE USE OF CONFIDENTIAL HUMAN SOURCES” provides FBI agents with guidelines as to how they should handle their Confidential Human Sources (CHS), also known as informants and snitches.  Several versions of this document can be found on the internet, with each new version superseding the previous one.  While this document provides guidance, critics claim the primary purpose of this publication is to provide plausible deniability and deflection, regarding accusations of the illegal and unethical manner in which FBI agents and their CHS’s are operating.

FBI agents, informers, and snitches know how to circumvent the CHS manual, covering up their illicit and unethical activities.  Based upon interviews, informants and snitches feel they can rely upon officials in the FBI and other US government agencies to conceal, deny, and deflect any of their lies and criminal activities that are exposed.

How the FBI Incentivizes and Pays Informants and Snitches

Payments to FBI and other US government informants and snitches are divided into two categories – payments for services and reimbursements for expenses.  Each of these headings have subcategories.  The “reimbursements for expenses” category has been extensively abused by the FBI and other US government agencies to hide payments to informants in order to deceive defense attorneys, the courts, the media, and the public.

Defense attorneys want to show that payments and incentives to informants and snitches are the primary motivation for their statements, testimony, and lies, as compared to someone who provides information out of a sense of duty or doing the right thing, without getting or expecting anything in return.  To distort the truth, the FBI and other US government agencies often conceal the amount of money, perks, dismissed criminal charges, and other incentives their informants and snitches are getting.  

The FBI has utilized a variety of methods to hide payments to informants.  Some will get large lump sum payments at the end of the case for their “good work,” implying a plea bargain or conviction.  These cash bonuses encourage more lies and deceit by informants.  The FBI also has informants submit receipts, which can include everything from their rent, car payments, and medical bills to vacations and piles of phony receipts, so FBI payments can be logged as reimbursements of “case related” expenses.  Some reimbursements are simply labeled “miscellaneous,” providing FBI agents with another way to hide payments to informants, from defense attorneys and the courts.

These are a few or the ways the FBI undermines attempts to show that informants are motivated by the FBI’s cash and perks that encourage them to lie.  One informant, Craig Monteilh, a convicted felon, was hired to stalk mosques in southern California.  The FBI told him to look for “vulnerable” Muslims – with immigration problems to personal issues – who can be coerced into becoming informants or fake terrorists.   Monteilh claims the FBI paid him $177,000 during a 12-month period, with his payments disguised as expense reimbursements, hiding them from defense attorneys and the court.

An informant, who is receiving money, in addition to having criminal charges reduced or eliminated, is highly motivated to lie to get the rewards, and continue lying, so they can keep getting additional cases and more money.  This is especially true of informants and snitches working for the FBI or other US government agencies, for three reasons: 

1) The feds offer the best deals in regards to lucrative cash incentives, expenses, and bonuses, along with the reduction or dismissal of criminal charges and jail sentences;

2) The feds wield power and influence over lesser jurisdictions, enabling them to step in to cut deals;

3) The feds will continue to provide large cash payments, incentives, and “Get out of Jail” perks, encouraging some snitches and informants to work for the feds for many years, handling numerous cases, entrapments, and stings.  

Defense attorneys attack lucrative incentives, claiming they motivate informants to lie.  The defense wants to know about all the incentives offered and promises made, including reduction of criminal charges and jail sentences.  The defense wants as many details as possible, including how much CHS’s have been paid and what they were told or expect to be paid in total, when the case is finished.  This is why some feds conceal this from informants, and make lump sum payments to them, after the case is over.

The FBI Basks in the Glory of Stopping Their Own Terrorist Plots

The FBI is not diligently uncovering and disrupting terrorist plots, the FBI is deviously creating, funding, and guiding fake terror cells and plots.  They also supply their fictional terrorists with weapons – props that are rendered harmless, but look and sound threatening, when the FBI hypes them to the media, after stopping their own plot.

These costly “terrorist” charades create the image that the FBI is playing a vital role in stopping terrorist threats, generating public praise and expanded budgets.  The FBI continually hypes how many terrorist attacks they’ve stopped, and how they’re keeping Americans safe.  This is a ludicrous claim, since most of the terrorist plots “uncovered” and “stopped” by the FBI, were initiated, funded, supplied, and controlled by the FBI.

The FBI try to entrap anyone they can, to inflate the number of terrorists they disrupted.  Some critics call the FBI’s counterterrorism ruses, “The war on the mentally ill.”  In one case, FBI agents operating online, flattered and coerced a mentally-ill,16 year-old boy to make statements about a terrorist group and agree that he was going to join them.  The agents strung the kid along with flattery and interaction until he turned 18, when they arrested him, so he could be tried as an adult.  The FBI media machine could then portray this mentally-ill, socially awkward kid as a major looming terrorist threat.

There are very few credible terrorists’ threats or terrorists in the United States.  Not nearly enough to justify massive counterterrorism budgets, Stasi-like surveillance and harassment, the US Patriot Act and other fascist’s laws, and sweeping violations of US constitutional rights and civil liberties.  That’s why the FBI creates most of the plots.

Creating a New US Intelligence Agency to Take Over the FBI’s Domestic Counterterrorism Duties

In his article titled, “The FBI is a failed institution that can’t combat terrorism,” William Odom addressed FBI failures in counterterrorism.  Odom was a retired US Army lieutenant general, and former Director of the National Security Agency (NAS) 1985 to 1988.  

Odom blasted the failure of the FBI to reform, noting that its expansion overseas through US embassies, has been disruptive, “the bureau creates tensions with CIA stations and displays its incompetence to foreign counterpart agencies.”  Odom felt it was a mistake to have the FBI or the Department of Justice (DOJ) handle counterintelligence duties, stating, “No one can turn a law enforcement agency into an effective intelligence agency.  Police work and intelligence work don’t mix.”

Odom continued, “…FBI officials want arrests and convictions.  They want media attention and lots of it.  They have little patience for sustained surveillance of a suspect to gain more intelligence, preferring to gamble on an early arrest and an intimidating interrogation that might get a confession.  Intelligence is something to be used, not shared.  Getting the credit is far more important than catching the culprit.”  Noting the FBI’s media addiction and failure to share information, Odom states, “Intelligence officials don’t want public attention. They want to remain anonymous…Their reward comes from providing intelligence to others, not hiding it”

The FBI aren’t “team” players.  They don’t like to share information.  When the CIA was formed in 1947 – in spite of Hoover’s efforts to have the FBI handle both domestic and international intelligence duties – Hoover instructed FBI agents in Latin America and the Caribbean to destroy all their files, rather than share them with incoming CIA agents.

Odom states, “…FBI techniques of recruiting ‘stoolies,’ tapping phones and conducting rough interrogations often work with mobsters, but not with spies and terrorists.”   Noting the disgraceful failures of the FBI in countering terrorism and Soviet intelligence agents, Odom called for the formation of a new domestic intelligence agency that is equal to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and under the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) to handle counterterrorism, removing all of these responsibilities from the FBI.

This has been called the MI-5 solution, a reference to the British intelligence structure, with MI-5 handling domestic intelligence operations and MI-6 handling international intelligence.  This forces the FBI to focus on traditional crimes in the US, establishing a new agency – with the capacity to make arrests and prosecutions – to focus on legitimate terrorism threats in the United States, instead of creating phony ones.  The new agency would work closely with the CIA in tracking threats coming from overseas.

The Raging Incompetence Within the FBI and the GWOT

The FBI, like many US government agencies and contractor firms working on the GWOT, suffer from a proliferation of ambitious, devious supervisors and employees, who have inferior knowledge, experience, aptitude, and skills for the positions they occupy and the promotions they are seeking.  Some will aggressively undermine talented coworkers, who have more relevant knowledge and skills than they do.  Conniving, incompetent slugs perceive highly skilled, effective employees, as threats.

In spite of previous decades of conflicts and terrorism in the Middle East, in 2001, the FBI reportedly only had eight agents who were fluent in Arabic.  This reflects the FBI’s attitude about having desirable knowledge, experience, and skills.  Post 9/11, the FBI Counterterrorism Division continued to lack expertise, linguistic, and cultural skills.

In 2007, twelve supervisory special agents transferred from the Quantico training division to lead and direct the FBI’s International Terrorism Operations Section (ITOS) that tracks al-Qaeda.  None of them had previous counterterrorism experience, but they were assigned to run the Counterterrorism Division’s vital ITOS and its field operations.  Additionally, a 2008 memo circulating at the FBI was requesting people to work at ITOS, stating it was only at 62 percent of its funded (and mandated) staffing level.

Bassem Youssef, who was born in Egypt and is fluent in Arabic, was a highly competent and successful Arab American FBI agent, who had worked counterterrorism cases, including the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.   He also worked as an FBI liaison with the Saudi Arabian Government, prior to 9/11.  In spite of his desirable linguistic and cultural knowledge, and his prior success handling counterterrorism cases, during the years following 9/11 he was repeatedly passed over.  When several FBI field offices, who were familiar with Youssef’s work prior to 9/11, requested his help in training their counterterrorism units, his supervisors blocked the requests.

Bassem Youssef expressed his concern that the FBI was continually putting under qualified agents into critical counterterrorism positions.  Senior FBI officials, angry over Youssef’s critical – but accurate and insightful – remarks, refused to assign him to a counterterrorism unit.  This type of malicious, raging incompetence reinforces the growing belief that the FBI should have no responsibility for counterterrorism.  All of the US domestic counterterrorism duties should be given to a new agency that is ethical and competent, unlike the FBI.  The FBI spends its time and resources creating fake terrorism plots, so they can hype their dubious “skills” and “success” in the media.

Youssef’s characteristics, experience, and skills should have made him a desirable asset to the FBI’s post 9/11 counterterrorism efforts, but they were perceived as threatening to ambitious, devious, incompetent FBI officials, who didn’t want to add people who would outperform them, when they are striving for increased responsibilities and acclaim.  This is the reality of the FBI, and the majority of US government and contractor firms working on the GWOT and similar projects, especially during surges, from post 9/11 needs, to mass deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other conflicts.

Reports About FBI Crimes and Corruption

There are many reports on the crimes and corruption of the FBI.  An FBI Whistleblowers report to the US House of Representatives, dated November 4, 2022, enabled FBI employees to identify some of the problems.  Whistleblowers within the FBI describe the FBI’s Washington hierarchy as “rotted at its core,” with “rampant corruption, manipulation, and abuse” and having a “systematic culture of unaccountability,” 

Numerous reports state that the FBI has been aggressively expanding their use of informants and terrorism entrapments to focus on domestic extremism in the US.  The FBI is hyping and focusing on alleged threats from US citizens as a means of expanding their budget, while trying to justify their continued Stasi-like surveillance, harassment, and persecution of US citizens, whom the FBI previously categorized as “wrong-thinkers,” a term that reflects the oppressive Orwellian mentality of the FBI.

The FBI are a threat to US citizens.  FBI agents and officials believe they can do anything they want, including breaking laws, surveillance and intimidation, incarcerating or destroying threats, and lying about it all to congressional investigations, the media, and everyone else.  The FBI has always been criminal and corrupt.  The GWOT gave them power and resources to expand their depravities, with less accountability.

The combination of a vast increase in technology and the FBI’s association with the National Security Agency (NSA), which has massive, detailed files on virtually everyone in the United States, and millions of people overseas, has greatly increased the FBI’s capacity for surveillance, subterfuge and malicious attacks and destruction of their critics, ideological enemies, and others.  The FBI is a domestic terrorist organization.

Former FBI Director, John Edgar Hoover and his devious horde, set the template of rampant corruption, criminal activity, and abuse at the FBI.  The USA Patriot Act and other nefarious US policies – combined with a greatly enhanced capacity for surveillance, organized gang stalking, harassment, and destruction of FBI critics and perceived enemies, has turned the FBI into an increasingly loathsome organization that consistently sullies constitutional, civil, and human rights of US citizens, with impunity.

If ethics were an agency’s backbone, the FBI would be an amoeba.

The FBI’s initial Director, John Edgar Hoover, authorized illegal blackmail, extortion, character assassinations, and disruptions of lawful protestors and civil rights groups.  Hoover also authorized and encouraged false criminal charges and incarcerations, intimidation, physical assaults, and murder to subvert or destroy his critics and enemies.  

The USA Patriot Act and other unethical US policies expanded the FBI’s unscrupulous activities – exponentially.  The deeply flawed GWOT eliminated legal boundaries and accountability for the FBI and other nefarious US government agencies, who abused and exploited these changes.  The FBI morphed into a Stasi-like, malicious, tyrannical, and vindictive organization that has little to no oversight or accountability.  

Most people in the United States and overseas are unaware of the FBI’s unethical and illegal activities against US citizens and others.  These should be exposed, with the FBI supervisors, agents, affiliates, contractors, and others involved in these heinous crimes, indicted and prosecuted.  The FBI should be purged, reducing its powers and status, while substantially increasing accountability and oversight by outside organizations.

Perhaps, one of the problems in getting the FBI to acknowledge and address the wicked crimes of J. Edgar Hoover is the fact that the ongoing crimes of the current Stasi-like, tyrannical FBI are even worse than those of Hoover.  The FBI should be confined to dealing with traditional criminal activities in the US, and have no role in counterterrorism efforts, which should be given to a new agency.  The FBI is significantly more of a threat to US citizens than the phony terrorists they entrap.  As the late US Army LTG Odom noted about the FBI, “They want media attention and lots of it…”  The FBI should no longer be allowed to use and abuse the GWOT to feed their gluttonous media addiction.


If terrorism is such a threat to the United States, with so many alleged terrorists lurking about, why does the FBI have to create so many fake terrorist plots?  The answer is simple, the terrorism threat is drastically and deliberately overstated by the FBI and many government agencies, politicians, contractors, warmongers, and war profiteers.

There are no al-Qaeda, ISIS, or other terrorist groups or cells operating in the United States, who can supply weapons, explosives, financing, and leadership to initiate or facilitate terrorist attacks.  Virtually the only players supplying weapons and leadership for terrorism attacks in the United States are the FBI and their informants.  This creates a serious problem for the FBI, since the US Congress has been appropriating about $3 billion a year to the FBI for counterterrorism activities during the GWOT to prevent future attacks.  This is about 40 percent of the FBI’s annual budget that is spent on counterterrorism, when there are little to no “legitimate” terrorist threats each year.

The FBI is desperate to justify the $3 billion annual budget for terrorism, so they create and hype bogus terrorists’ cells and plots to the media.  If journalists ask probing questions that could reveal the fictional nature of the terrorists and the plots, the FBI will claim they can’t discuss that because it would be a threat to “National Security.”  This dubious claim has become the feds version of what gangsters did in pleading the 5th Amendment to specific questions, enabling them to avoid self-incrimination.

Billions of dollars in annual funding are at stake for the FBI and other US government agencies, contractor firms, and the US Military Industrial Complex (MIC).  In addition to massive revenues, and a semi-justification for endless wars, the US government and its agencies, need ongoing fictional terrorist plots to justify their Gestapo and Stasi-like surveillance and harassment of US citizens that has trampled constitutional rights and civil liberties.  The US is not trying to find terrorists, but to identify, spy upon, and harass law-abiding citizens, who are critical of the tyrannical policies of the US government.

The FBI – with its numerous fake terrorism plots, entrapments, and stings – has become the number one sponsor of terrorism in the United States.  The fictional FBI terrorist plots are paid for by US taxpayers, who are unwittingly paying to deceive themselves, for the dubious acclaim of the underperforming, media-addicted FBI.  Some reports estimate that less than five percent of terrorism cases, convictions, and plea bargains involve real terrorists.  While statistics can vary from one survey to the next, the actual activity and threats of real terrorist cells in the US is significantly less than claimed by US government agencies and contractors, military branches, the MIC, and others.

One of the key phrases accompanying FBI terrorism cases, entrapments, and stings is, “there were no other credible threats of terrorism.”  This indicates the only threat was the fake one being initiated and controlled by the FBI, using weapons provided by the FBI that were rendered harmless.  These FBI terrorism skits are hyped by the FBI and complicit, duped, or accommodating media.  They’re comparable to television shows or video games, in which no one is threatened and no one gets hurt.  Why is anyone applauding the FBI for these absurdly expensive, taxpayer funded, deceitful propaganda plays, when there were no actual threats?

The FBI is not stopping terrorist plots and attacks, they are creating them, producing terrorist skits like a television series – “FBI Fictional Terrorist Theater.”  It appears that most of the alleged dire warnings and looming threats of terrorism were created by the FBI or other US agencies.  Orwellian tactics utilize fear to encourage acceptance of diminishing freedoms and compliance with ongoing US government abuses and crimes.  

The Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) is an aggressive US campaign to encourage endless wars, massive and wasteful military and defense expenditures, and Gestapo and Stasi-like surveillance and harassment of US citizens and others, coupled with diminished constitutional rights.  The US is accused of being a warmongering, police state, relentlessly seeking to shape public opinion and destroy their critics, just like other totalitarian states have done.  US citizens are being brainwashed, bullied, and deceived by the complicit, merging of US government and media propaganda and lies.  

US government agencies have deliberately exaggerated and lied about terrorists’ threats in the US and overseas to justify increased budgets and illegal and unethical policies.  Rather than making the US safer, the US GWOT and policy of endless wars, puts US citizens significantly more at risk.  Additionally, the ongoing, emphasis on finding and forcing immigrants and others to become informants and running phony terror plots, diminishes the ability to identify and stop random attacks by lone wolves.

The US government and its agencies are responsible for causing or fabricating virtually every threat – real or imagined – that US officials have used to erode constitutional rights.  The US government does this to increase their tyrannical policies, surveillance, and abuse of the population, under the guise of keeping the United States and its citizens safe from terrorism.  The fact is, US citizens have many more reasons to fear their government and its agencies, than any other elements in the US or abroad.

Arguably, devious government agencies and associates in the United States are knowingly and deliberately inciting hatred of the US via ill-advised policies and military operations in an effort to create more terrorists and more threats.  Their objective is to perpetuate the GWOT and the fascist domestic and foreign policies that accompany it.

These unethical US policies – in the US and abroad – undermine its capacity to retain the respect and support of people and countries around the world, who can see through the lies and deceit of US government and military officials and their complicit or obtuse media propagandists.  Global polls conducted during the last 20 years reflect this awareness, noting that the United States is seen as the primary threat to world peace.

James Emery

James Emery, a cultural anthropologist, has dealt with issues and events in the United States and overseas for over thirty-five years, from cultural, political, and economic issues to narcotics trafficking and insurgencies. He’s conducted extensive interviews and research in the US and around the world, including combat zones and conflict areas.

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