FBI Director Grilled By Senate On Antifa: Will He Investigate? – OpEd


By Sarah Cowgill*

After hours of grilling FBI director Christopher Ray during a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, two Republican lawmakers cleared the wheat from the chaff by calling for Antifa to be labeled a domestic terrorist group.  Pounding the point home with examples of recent violence against citizens and government agencies, Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) requested the bureau open a RICO investigation into the black clad and masked militia.

The public request follows legislation introduced by Cruz and Cassidy July 18, and each took a turn at verbal batting practice on the radical left group:

“Antifa is a group of hateful, intolerant radicals who pursue their unhinged agenda through aggressive violence. Time and time again, their actions have demonstrated that their only purpose is to inflict harm on those who oppose their views. The hate and violence they spread must be stopped, and I am proud to introduce this resolution with Senator Cassidy to properly identify what Antifa are: domestic terrorists.”

Wray listened politely but reminded both Democrats – such as Sen Dick Durbin (D-IL), who used the term “white supremacist” repeatedly in his allotted time – and Republicans that the FBI only investigates crimes.

“We at the FBI don’t investigate ideology – no matter how repugnant. We investigate violence.”

Recent Violence is Disturbing to Civil Society

Mr. Cruz reminded Wray of two prominent incidences that recently occurred in Portland, OR, in which conservative journalist Andy Ngo was violently attacked – beaten, kicked, punched – while police did little to nothing.

Local news media interviewed several witnesses who claimed to have been hit by a substance that was thought to be milkshakes.  Although in milkshake cups, the material was, in fact, a quick-curing concrete mixture. The group also threw trash cans, eggs – whatever they could get their gloved hands on – causing thousands in damage.

Antifa claims they did no such thing.  On their Facebook page, they appear astonished, denying their penchant for violence. Poor spelling aside, it is a typical anarchist response of blaming the enemy and mocking people who were hit by “milkshakes”:

“The issue is we have an enemy that constantly lies and has a massive media appartus at their disposal (as well as state backing from the both federal administration and on a local level from the PPB). So it isn’t an easy fight. But it is definitely worth it.”

A curious statement when one “massive media” apparatus, CNN, has nearly endorsed Antifa’s violent tactics.

Mr. Cassidy pointed out the irony of an ill-conceived name branding, saying Antifa is simply “violent masked bullies who ‘fight fascism’ with actual fascism.”

Take Them Out

There should be absolutely no doubt Antifa is a dangerous organization.  Their desire to organize off-grid should have local, state, and federal law enforcement worried:

“DO email us. If you have information for us, we far prefer if you contact us via email at fight_them_back@riseup<dot>net. We have a pgp code available on our website rosecityantifa.org if you’d like to send us an encrypted message. We also have voicemail as well which is great for depositing tips, but email is better if you want to have a two-way conversation.”

The list is long, and they warn followers that anything posted on their page will be seen by “insurgent fascists and law enforcement.”

Is Antifa a group worthy of the moniker “domestic terrorists”? Peaceful protesters they are not.  Law-abiding citizens? Obviously not. What else could they be if not a hate group?

*About the author: National Columnist at LibertyNation.com. Sarah has been a writer in the political and corporate worlds for over 25 years. As a sought-after speech writer, her clients included CEOs, U.S. Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and even a Vice President. She’s worked as Contributing Editor at Scottsdale Life, a news reporter for the Journal and Courier, and guest opinion political writer for numerous publications nationwide. A born storyteller, Sarah has published a full-length book and is currently finishing a quirky, sarcastic, second novel.

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