Norwegian Politician Plays Pokemon Go During Military Planning


Die-hard Pokemon Go players have turned all sorts of unique, and at times inappropriate, venues into hunting grounds in their efforts to “catch ‘em all.”

Now, at least one player knows if an Eevee has been eavesdropping on Norway’s military plans.

Cameras caught the leader of Norway’s Liberal Party playing the popular smartphone game during a meeting of the country’s Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence on Wednesday.

The Pokemon Go app can be clearly seen on Trine Skei Grande’s mobile device as cameras focus on her speaking at the hearing. Grande turns her attention back to the game once she finishes her question, keeping her eyes fixed on her phone during the answer.

When questioned by Norway’s VG News, Grande said her gaming habit is justifiable, noting some people “have heads that listen better when doing something braindead.”


MINA is the Macedonian International News Agency

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