Security Of GCC Members, Integral Whole, Stresses Saudi King


Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud stressed Sunday that the security of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member countries is integral part of that of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Inaugurating the annual meeting of the fifth legislative term of Majlis Al-Shura, here, King Abdullah welcomed the return of calm to the Kingdom of Bahrain, reaffirming opposition to any external interference into the domestic affairs of Bahrain that could harm the country’s security, stability and national unity.

The King noted that Saudi Arabia is striving to mend the inter-Arab rift and restore civil peace to Arab countries such as Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq in a way that cement the national unity, independence, stability and identity of these countries.

“The GCC initiative for resolving the crisis of Yemen remains as the sole way for preventing further deterioration of the situation in the country and preserving its unity and stability,” King Abdullah reminded.

Regarding Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy, he said it focuses on strengthening cooperation, solidarity and joint action among the Islamic countries.

“We will continue making every possible effort to support the Palestine cause at the international forums particularly now that an application for the recognition of the State of Palestine was tabled to the United Nations in a bid to realize the Palestinian people’s dream of establishing an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital and establishing fair and comprehensive peace in the Middle East,” he affirmed.

Saudi Arabia backs the efforts aiming to declare the Middle East a nuclear weapon-free zone according to the UN resolutions while recognizing the right of all states to peaceful nuclear energy under strict supervision by the International Atomic Energy Agency, King Abdullah went on.

As for the domestic affairs, the King highlighted the need to pursue national dialogue as optimal way for expanding the participation of all components of the Saudi people in addressing the domestic issues, enhancing the national unity and social justice, finding way for responsible expression of views, and combating corruption.

He announced a decision to allow Saudi women to vie for seats at the Majlis and the municipal council. The annual royal speech represents a guideline document for the Kingdom’s domestic and foreign policy in the coming year.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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