The United States: The Beacon Of Hypocrisy – OpEd


Calling out Joe Biden’s blatant lies at the UN General Assembly has become a tradition of mine — an annual U.S. State Department Human Rights Report, if you will.

Last year, he condemned the crackdown on peaceful protesters, lack of free and fair elections, and the state-ordered attacks, imprisonment and intimidation of civilians in dictatorships throughout the world. But only, of course, in the countries in which the U.S. is not leading the attacks.

This year, referring to Russia and Ukraine, he said, “the United States wants this war to end on just terms”, as the Military Industrial Complex cheered him on — for being able to say those words with a straight face.

Throughout his political career, Joe Biden has lived for — while millions have died as a result of — U.S.-waged wars, proxy wars, coups, and all-around American interventionism.

He talked about the “tenets of the United Nations”, “human rights”, “international law” and had the unsurprising audacity to say, “Now, it’s no secret that in the contest between democracy and autocracy, the United States — and I, as President — champion a vision for our world that is grounded in the values of democracy.”

No, Joe, it’s no secret that the United States — and you, as president — envision a world that is grounded in obedience to the United States. And it’s fitting that Biden’s speechwriters included “autocracy” and “United States” in the same sentence.

The world knows about U.S. destruction, yet so many countries, most notoriously NATO and European Union members, follow it blindly.

They simultaneously condemn and perpetuate war, espouse and strip independence, proclaim respect for and break international law. And the West has shamelessly committed all of these acts in Macedonia — before, and after, the creation of the United Nations. The same UN which, in Article 1 of its Charter, purports to “maintain international peace and security” and “develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples”.

The irony abounds.

Despite Macedonia being on the Allied side in both world wars, the United States and United Kingdom united to unleash terror by bombing Macedonian civilians in Aegean Macedonia (annexed by Greece after Macedonia’s partition in 1913). Again, after the formation of the United Nations. Why? To support Greece’s ruling, Nazi-supporting, British Royal family-backed fascists in their publicly stated goals of eradicating Macedonia and Macedonians.

Nothing like supporting one’s strategic partner “for better or worse”.

The West followed up with decades of support for Macedonia’s oppressors, with a huge ramp-up of attacks on Macedonians’ ethnic identity and independence in the past several years.

So, excuse me for not cheering along when Joe Biden claims to “defend and strengthen democracy at home and around the world”.

But why has the United States, the self-proclaimed “beacon of democracy”, targeted Macedonians? The short answer is to increase U.S. imperialism, now through NATO and EU expansion.

Specifically, Greece and Bulgaria threatened to veto the Republic of Macedonia’s Western-imposed NATO and EU membership bids unless Macedonians’ name, identity, ethnicity, culture and history were wiped out. This is in lockstep with their publicly celebrated policies of denying the existence and persecution of their large Macedonian minorities.

Eradicating the existence of an ethnic group while increasing American imperialism? Of course, the United States was all-in.

So, the U.S. installed a dictatorial regime in the Republic of Macedonia to force through the highly derogatory name and identity change to “North Macedonia” and “North Macedonian”, brutally suppressing dissent, and leading the physical attacks, threats, blackmail, and incarceration of Macedonians throughout the Balkans.

And the world sits idly by while Joe Biden, following the lead of every U.S. president since the UN’s formation, proudly proclaims the opposite.

Bill Nicholov, President Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

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