Tanker Damaged As Arab Coalition Foils Houthi Shipping Attack


A Greek tanker was damaged by an explosion as the Arab coalition foiled a Houthi attack at a Saudi shipping terminal on Wednesday.

The coalition said it had destroyed an explosives-laden boat and foiled the attack in the southern Red Sea.

The commercial vessel suffered minor damage from shrapnel as the terror attack was foiled, the coalition said.

Hostile actions carried out by the Houthi militia threaten shipping lanes and global trade, the coalition added.

Later on Wednesday, the coalition said that it had destroyed a naval mine planted by the Houthis in the southern Red Sea.

The Greek managers of the tanker Agrari said an explosion damaged the ship at a Saudi Arabian Red Sea terminal just north of the Yemen border.

TMS Tankers said the Maltese-flagged vessel was “attacked by an unknown source” while at berth in Shuqaiq  after it had completed discharging and was preparing to depart.

“The Agrari was struck about one meter above the waterline and has suffered a breach,” TMS Tankers said. “It has been confirmed that the crew are safe and there have been no injuries. No pollution has been reported. The vessel is in ballast condition and stable,” the company said.

The attack is the latest against Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure and shipping in the Red Sea blamed on the Iran-backed Houthis.

On Monday, the the militants hit a petroleum products distribution plant in Jeddah with a missile. The attack received global condemnation and the coalition vowed to take action against those responsible.

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