Arab League Chief Meets 50 Observers From Syrian Mission


Arab League Secretary General Dr. Nabil Al-Arabi met in Cairo Monday with 50 observers from the Arab League Mission to Syria, heading to Damascus this evening to monitor and assess the situation in the troubled country.

Al-Arabi told the press that the delegation mission will commence Tuesday, when they will be accompanying head of mission General Mohamed Al-Dabi, who arrived in Damascus several days ago.

Al-Dabi, who has considerable experience in such operations, has been preparing for functions of the mission in Syria, namely places for their movement and sketching maps of the flashpoints.

The mission will be divided into teams, each to be assigned to search for facts in each of the troubled regions.

Moroccan media expert Talea Al-Atlasi said that during the meeting, the members of the mission discussed technical details for work of the mission and extent of coordination between the Arab League and Syrian authorities.

The mission will monitor the Syrian government implementation of the protocol, recently signed with the Arab League.

“This is the first time the Arab League works on such a task,” he noted.

The mission is tasked with ensuring the regime’s compliance with the Arab plan for ending the nation’s political violence.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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