Pakistan Won’t Cut Nuclear Budget


The Pakistani government Monday rejected reports in certain section of local media that it was planning to cut down on nuclear budget or rolling back the nuclear program.

An official press statement citing a government spokesman said that the government rejects the baseless news report published by a section of press, giving an impression as if the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government was bent upon rolling back the nuclear program.

No one can compromise on the nuclear assets of the country, said the statement. Pakistan launched its nuclear program during the PPP regime in the 1970s to balance power against archrival India.

The spokesman in the statement said that the nuclear assets of the country were in safe hands and the present government will never allow rolling back or cutting down of the budget related to development of the nuclear program.

The spokesman added that the present government is striving hard to expand and strengthen further the defense system of the country.

The present government of PPP is committed to its nuclear program in the best interest of the nation and country.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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