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Libya: China Has Evacuated 16,000 Citizens


Nearly 16,000 Chinese citizens were evacuated from Libya through Saturday afternoon, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, reports QNA.


Among them, about 7,000 people arrived from the third countries, about 700 people were headed back to China and about 8,300 people were on the way to the third countries, according to QNA.


QNA noted that according to the Ministry said Chinese embassies in Greece, Tunisia and Egypt were endeavoring to well accommodate the 7,000 people who arrived in those countries, among which, about 4,300 people were in the Crete Island of Greece, 2,900 people were in the Island of Djerba in Tunisia, and some were in Egypt, citing the Chinese (Xinhua) news agency.

Roughly 5,100 people were being evacuated through large cruise ships chartered by China, among which, about 2,900 people were going to the Crete Island and 2,200 people were for Malta, QNA  said, with another 3,200 people were in Libya’s Benghazi, waiting for a vessel to take them to the Crete Island.

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