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Mexican Cops Discover Decapitated Heads In Acapulco


The decapitated heads of four people were discovered by Mexican police officers on Saturday in Acapulco, Mexico, inside a van abandoned on a street near the city center, according to a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration official.


Inside the vehicle local police found the human remains and a message from the organized crime group Los Zetas warning Mexican law enforcement officers that they will face retribution if they continue to fight the cartels, according to the Law Enforcement Examiner’s DEA source.

The tourist destination of Acapulco comes in as the second most violent city contributing 795 deaths to the overall death toll. As reported last Summer by the Law Enforcement Examiner, mass graves were discovered in Acapulco and the once prosperous resort area has suffered a significant reduction in tourism.

The struggling Mexican economy has long relied on tourism to garner a major portion of that country’s wealth. Acapulco, dubbed by Mexico’s bureau of tourism as the “Pearl of the Pacific,” has experienced a 50 percent reduction in visitors within the past year, claim law enforcement officials.

The recent murders of 20 men in Mexico’s famed resort city, Acapulco, are taking their toll on the country’s economy with most foreign visitors fleeing the once peaceful vacation playground. And it’s not only Americans and Canadians forgoing their Acapulco vacations, but now even Mexicans who usually frequent the resort are changing their plans, said the DEA source.

U.S. State Department officials are warning American tourists to stay alert and not to wander far from Mexico’s resort areas such as Cancun and Acapulco.


More than 50,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence in Mexico since President Felipe Calderon launched the “war against organized crime” in 2006, according to Mexican officials.

Jim Kouri

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