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Americans Are Increasingly Wary Of US Efforts To Harm Russia Causing Economic Damage In America – OpEd


On March 8, President Joe Biden declared, in a speech announcing a ban on imports of Russian oil and gas, that these and other actions taken by the United States government “to inflict further pain on [Russia President Vladimir Putin]” would “cost us as well, in the United States.”


Since then, the US government’s economic sanctions on Russia — as well as spending, military training, intelligence sharing, and weapons transfers to attack the Russian military — have increased as the economic conditions in America have declined. Some of that economic decline is a result of the actions against Russia, as Biden suggested would be the case. Other parts of the decline have other causes.

New poling results from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research indicate that Americans are increasingly wary of incurring economic costs in America due to efforts to inflict pain on Putin or, as the poll puts it, “sanctioning Russia.” In fact, despite the nonstop hate Russia propaganda in the big money media, the polling indicates the majority of Americans are now opposed to harming the American economy to advance the anti-Russia crusade that Biden and most US Congress members have been pushing.

Support among polled individual for “sanctioning Russia as effectively as possible, even if it damages the US economy” dropped from 55 percent on March 22 to 51 percent on April 22 to 45 percent on May 22. Meanwhile, support for the contrary position of “limiting damage to the US economy, even if it means sanctions on Russia are less effective” rose each month from 42 percent to 45 percent to 51 percent.

Americans seem to be increasingly viewing fighting Russia as not worth the cost Biden mentioned in his March 8 speech. Will many politicians in Washington, DC soon come around as well?

More about the poll results may be read here in a Tuesday Associated Press article by Nomaan Merchant and Hannah Fingerhut.


This article was published by RonPaul Institute. 

Adam Dick

Adam Dick is a Senior Fellow at Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

One thought on “Americans Are Increasingly Wary Of US Efforts To Harm Russia Causing Economic Damage In America – OpEd

  • May 27, 2022 at 8:55 pm

    Sanctions against Russia have Boomeranged against the collective West. But, it dose not effect the reach. In the North, we pay $9 per gallon, or $2 a L, am I to swallow my tongue and say nothing? The reach patriotism is the green buck, the small guy is called anti-patriotist when it complains how the reach are gauging us.


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