Dutch And French Want Their Own EU Referendums – OpEd


First, the Dutch; and now, the French…

French leader Marine Le Pen says there should be a similar referendum about EU membership in France after Britons voted to leave the 28-nation bloc.

Earlier, Dutch MEPs called the British vote historic and demanded their own referendum.

Most Europeans see the EU as a disaster, where unelected and corporate controlled officials are brought to power, unaccountable to anyone.

The European public became outraged this year when the EU in their own report rather comically admitted it’s incredibly corrupt and couldn’t account for 120 billion euros of taxpayers money. To Brussels, this was business as usual. To the British public, who send Brussels’ way more than 200 million pounds/week, this became a major problem. Hence, the Brexit.

The out of control muslim migration approved by Berlin who apparently felt it can make a decision without consulting any of the 28 member states, including those who aren’t even members of the EU bloc, just infuriated the continent further. All European nations now realize they cannot give away their sovereignty and border control neither to Brussels or Berlin. Besides, Berlin already tried to control the continent once before, didn’t quite work out.

Should more referendums take place, and they most certainly will, the EU is as good as done despite globalists and corporations spending billions on keeping the unnatural “Union” together.


MINA is the Macedonian International News Agency

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