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Iran Carries Out Second Launch Of Satellite Carrier


An Iranian satellite carrier, christened Zoljenah, was launched to space on Sunday for the second time over the past 16 months.


The spokesperson for the Iranian Defense Ministry said the satellite carrier, dubbed Zoljanah, has been launched for research purposes.

Hosseini said Zoljanah has three propulsion stages -two stages on solid fuel and one powered by liquid fuel.

In technical terms, the Iranian satellite carrier is comparable with the world’s modern satellite carriers, he added.

The spokesman said the purpose of the launch was to implement a sub-orbital spaceflight, noting that the third phase of development of the hybrid satellite carrier has begun by using the data from the recent launch.

In February 2021, the Iranian Defense Ministry launched Zoljanah for the first time.


Zoljenah can carry a satellite weighing 220 kg into an orbit 500 kilometers above the Earth.

Officials say Iran has three operational satellite carriers, namely Zoljenah, Sarir, and Soroush.

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