Aperam Completes Acquisition Of ELG


Aperam, announced Monday the completion of the acquisition of ELG, a  global leader in stainless steel and superalloys recycling. The acquisition of ELG has received all necessary regulatory approvals and will further strengthen Aperam’s competitiveness and Environmental-Social-Governance leadership position in the industry, the company said.

ELG is a global leader in collecting, trading, processing and recycling of stainless steel scrap and high performance alloys, delivering ~1.2 m tonnes of materials annually, employing ~1,200 FTEs in 51 locations in 20 countries.

ELG had been acquired for an Enterprise Value of EUR 357 million (Equity value EUR 30 million) valued 31.12.2020. The acquisition is based on a lockbox mechanism under which Aperam owns the economic value added to the ELG business as from 01 January 2021. ELG will be fully consolidated into the Aperam Group as from 31.12.2021 under a new segment Recycling. ELG generated an adj. EBITDA of EUR55 million through the cycle, and is expected to generate adj. EBITDA of about EUR 65 million in 2021.

Investing in sustainable recycling further improves Aperam’s leading environmental footprint and supports the company’s CO2 reduction targets. The acquisition enables Aperam to improve its input mix and to expand into the supply of raw materials. Total minimum synergies of EUR 24 million are expected within three years with additional improvement potential. Combined with phase 4 of the Leadership Journey, Aperam will achieve its next level of competitive excellence. The acquisition is expected to be value creative from year 1 and executed in line with Aperam’s financial policy.

According to Mr. Timoteo Di Maulo, CEO, “Thanks to the solid execution of our strategy and our financial strength, we are very proud today to announce a further step towards our excellence in the circular economy. The acquisition of ELG received all necessary regulatory approvals and is placing Aperam at the core of the circular economy. Including ELG, about 30% of Aperam’s workforce will create value from working in renewable and recycling upstream. We are excited about the potential of ELG within Aperam and look forward to our journey to create value in the global recycling industry. We warmly welcome the highly skilled and competent workforce of ELG.”

Dr. Donald Weir, CEO ELG commented: “We are excited to join the Aperam Group and look forward to continuing to create value for all our customers. As previously announced,  ELG will be operated as a separate and independent company serving its customers in their best interests. As part of the Aperam Group, ELG will benefit from the Aperam industrial set up providing further growth and innovation opportunities.”

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