Afghanistan: Nine Taliban Killed In North Following Military Operation


By Zafar Shayan

Nine Taliban terrorists have been killed in the Kunduz province of northern Afghanistan following a military operation on Wednesday morning.

As TOLOnews reported, the operation started on Tuesday and has so far managed to clear several villages in Kunduz of terrorists.

The operation takes place after President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani announced the government’s new stance toward the Taliban during a joint session of parliament on Monday. In his speech Ghani called the Taliban terrorists and enemies of the people of Afghanistan.

According to TOLOnews, Ashraf Ghani also declared in a meeting with the provincial chief of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) that those who are fighting against the government and the people of Afghanistan are enemies of the state and should be eliminated by security forces. Ghani has ordered the beginning of land and air operations to target the Taliban in several provinces of Afghanistan.

Several military operations have commenced in different parts of the country against Taliban terrorists one week after the group launched a deadly attack in the country’s capital of Kabul killing 64 and wounding 347.

As the result of these operations, security forces arrested Qari Salim, a top leader of the Taliban, along with six other terrorists in the Khanabad district of Kunduz on Monday. It is said that Salim had played a key role in the Taliban’s capture of Kunduz City last year.


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