Iran Asks EU To Reconsider Sanctions


Iran’s Foreign Minister has urged the European Union to reconsider its decision to impose an embargo on Iranian oil starting July 1.

Reuters reports that on Tuesday in Cyprus, Ali Akbar Salehi told reporters: “We hope that the European Union looks into the matter with more rationality and wisdom because I think nobody benefits from confrontation.”

He added: “The benefit lies in engagement, and I think they are on the wrong track.”

After another meeting, EU member states had announced earlier that the oil embargo on Iran will take effect as planned on July 1.

Last January, EU members announced their plans to impose the embargo in reaction to the nuclear disputes with Iran. The EU has said that if Iran’s fails to reconsider its nuclear program, the sanctions may even increase.

Despite Western allegations that Iran’s nuclear program may have a military component, Iran insists that its atomic activities are peaceful. Iran has accused the EU and U.S. of following “political objectives” by imposing unilateral sanctions on Iran, and Russia has also opposed the U.S. and EU sanctions, saying they appear to be aimed at a regime change in Iran.

The world powers will meet again with Iran in July to discuss the nuclear disputes.

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