England Makes Another Euro Exit In 2-1 Loss To Iceland – OpEd


England can’t seem to catch a break, and why would they, Iceland are the world’s new underdog heroes!

England has exited the Euro2016, this time without holding a referendum after being beaten by a lively Icelandic side 2-1. Reykyavik is celebrating, and so are we, who doesn’t love to see an unknown team, from a tiny country, embarrass the top European nations!

As for English players, they looked dazed, embarrassed, angry and full of disbelief and self-loathing as they wandered the field, not quite knowing what to do or where to go. This is a total humiliation and their fans are letting them know in no uncertain terms that they’re not pleased with this result.

Iceland’s fans, by contrast, are celebrating, but not quite as wholeheartedly as you might expect. They worked incredibly hard for their win, but the game can be summed up that their goalkeeper had little or nothing to do in the second half, so atrocious were England’s efforts to secure an equalizer. Their passing was awful, their deliveries were awful, they were bereft of ideas and gave the ball away cheaply. Roy Hodgson is going to have some explaining to do in the wake of this shambles and will surely be out of a job very, very soon.


MINA is the Macedonian International News Agency

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