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Trump, His Tax Returns, And Russia – OpEd


George Will speculates that the reason Donald Trump has so far been unwilling to make public his tax returns is because they would expose his ties to Russia.

But Julia Ioffe makes an interesting observation:

The fact that Trump, after so many attempts and with such warm intentions toward the country, was not able to build anything in Russia – when Ritz Carlton and Kempinski and Radisson and Hilton and any number of Western hotel chains were able to — speaks to his abysmal lack of connections to influential Russians. Since his first foray into Russia in 1987, the head of state changed four times — Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Putin, Medvedev, Putin — but one thing stayed constant: In such a deeply personalized system of patronage, nothing could’ve been built without the right people inside the Kremlin helping you maneuver in the complicated web of whose palm to grease. The fact that pretty much every major hotel chain in the world was able to build something in Moscow but Trump wasn’t speaks to his inability to navigate this shadowy world, and to his weakness as a businessman. If Trump truly was in bed with Putin, there would be a Trump Tower in Moscow by now, if not several.

Still, Trump doesn’t have to be in bed with Putin for Putin to have an interest in Trump becoming president.

But perhaps Trump’s reluctance to have his financial condition more widely understood is primarily because this would expose his financial instability.

And this raises a question that would be worth posing in a presidential debate:

Mr Trump, do you anticipate any risk that you might face bankruptcy in the next four years, and in that event, would you be able to prevent this from interfering in your ability to fulfill your responsibilities as the president?

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Paul Woodward - War in Context

Paul Woodward - War in Context

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One thought on “Trump, His Tax Returns, And Russia – OpEd

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    July 28, 2016 at 11:28 am

    Journalism seems to become a very bad business enterprise with one goal of propaganda for wars and militarism as essential institutions for US imperialism. We all know Mr. Will’s insistence that Iraq had nuclear bombs and WMD. He was one of the supporters and justifiers for the Iraq war. He has animosity with the truth. Therefore, it becomes very bad for a person to quote a liar. Whoever quotes a liar is simply a liar. If President Putin is disclosing the emails, why does not he disclose the other damaging emails that may put Secretary Clinton in prison for a long period? If Mr. Trump has friendship with President Putin, then where are the evidence? Even if he was his friend, the email’s issue is the Clinton’s problem, because she has written the emails. There is no rumor about that. It is good for the public to know. Mr. Trump for his own credit was not taking money from banks for shitty lectures, as Secretary Clinton has done. Her foundation received funds from many brutal people in the world. She also works for Israel to implement the Israeli strategy of the Middle East. This is why she voted for the Iraq War, the destruction of Libya and Syria, her intention to obliterate Iran, and her goal of the reoccupation of Iraq. All these adventures she has supported have not served US interests. Hope you write pieces asking Secretary Clinton to show the public her lectures that she received about 375K for just one of them. Finally, I do not think Mr. Trump expects any risk because the real estate has been doing very well in many places because of the Fed policy of a very low interest rate.


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