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Iran Says It Will Make US Regret Committing Act Of ‘Aerial Banditry’


Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman denounced the US’ dangerous move to harass an Iranian jetliner over Syria, saying Tehran will make Washington regret resorting to such an act of banditry in the air.

Speaking at a weekly press conference on Monday, Seyed Abbas Mousavi lashed out at the US for the dangerous maneuvering of American fighter jets near Iran’s passenger plane in the Syrian airspace.

“The Americans are trying all types of banditry, and have shifted from maritime banditry to aerial one,” he said.

Denouncing the US harassment of the Iranian airplane as a “terrorist act” that violated certain international norms, the spokesperson said the Foreign Ministry will be working with the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran to make the Americans regret taking such a measure.

“We are waiting for details of the issue and will pursue the necessary measures,” he added.

On July 23, two US fighter jets came close to the Mahan Air passenger plane in Syrian airspace, causing the pilot to quickly change altitude to avoid collision.

A video showed a jet from the window of a plane and blood on the face of a passenger – reportedly as a result from an injury sustained during the sudden altitude change.

The pilot of the passenger plane contacted the jet pilots to warn them about keeping a safe distance and the jet pilots identified themselves as American.

The plane later landed in Beirut, safely evacuating its passengers, some of whom were injured.

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