Syria: Some 20 Regime Supporters Killed In Damascus Blast


Some 20 people were killed and some 50 injured in a double bombing at a funeral in a suburb of Damascus, reports said Tuesday, quoting eyewitnesses.

The reports said the explosions were heard in Jaramana suburb of the capital during a a funeral procession to the cemetery. The victims of the attack attended the funerals of two people who were killed the day before in a car bomb explosion in Damascus. They were pro-regime supporters.


Meanwhile, the Russian military advisers have not left Syria and they continue to work in this country, said the General Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Nikolai Makarov. “Why are you concerned about Syria? Every project we have in this country is in force. Nobody has left, everyone works as planned,” the general told reporters. “It is too early to draw a definitive line,” he added.

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