Spain And Chile Reach Agreements On Cybersecurity And Development Cooperation


Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez reiterated his country’s commitment to back the renewal of the Association Agreement in force between Chile and the European Union and invited President Sebastián Piñera to visit Spain on October 9 during the course of his European tour. The two leaders also undertook to speed up the agreement to mutually recognize professional qualifications and university degrees.

Sánchez, arrived in Chile, the first country on his Latin American tour, which will also take him to Bolivia, Colombia and Costa Rica. During his stay, Sánchez met with President Sebastián Piñera, and will also meet with the Speakers of the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament, as well as with representatives of the Spanish community in the country.

At their meeting, Sánchez and Piñera addressed various matters of political, economic and social interest, and confirmed their excellent level of understanding and firm commitment to multilateralism, respect for human rights and promotion of democracy as an instrument to tackle today’s global challenges. The two leaders highlighted the good health of the Strategic Alliance that unites the two countries, and which they enhanced by reaching agreements on cyber-security, development cooperation and cultural cooperation.

Through a Memorandum of Understanding that will be signed by both countries, they decided to cooperate on cyber-security to tackle the risks deriving from possible attacks on the IT systems of official bodies, the financial system and security systems. The signing of this agreement enhances the good level of technical cooperation and the high degree of interaction on fighting terrorism, drug trafficking and organised crime between the two countries.

Sánchez and Piñera also agreed to step up the development cooperation programme between Spain and Chile through the Joint Fund for Triangular Cooperation, with actions to strengthen institutions and Water and Sanitation Fund projects.

In terms of cultural cooperation, the Government of Spain conveyed its commitment to implement the Youth Mobility Agreement and the Agreement to Recognise Professional Qualifications and University Degrees, which will facilitate the posting of professionals between the two countries and enhance mutual academic and cultural enrichment.

Sánchez also reaffirmed Spain’s interest in backing the renewal of the Association Agreement in force between Chile and the European Union, the third leading trading partner of Chile and its main investor, which has led to the doubling of EU exports to the country.

During the course of his visit to Chile, Sanchez will also hold meetings with the Speakers of the Chilean Upper and Lower House of Parliament, and with Spanish companies located there, to whom he will convey the government’s economic plans and his support for the internationalisation of Spanish companies.

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