Man Who Save Thousands From Genocide Wanted By Rwandan Authorities


After targeting several opposition leaders, the Rwandan government has now turned its sights against Paul Rusesabagina, the former director of ‘Hotel Mille Colline’, the very same man who inspired the Hollywood film ‘Hotel Rwanda’, about the 1994 genocide, according to MISNA.

MISNA reports that the general prosecutor, Martin Ngoga, has announced that it has asked the United States, where Rusesabagina resides, to collaborate in gathering evidence against the Rwandan citizen.

MISNA notes he is accused of financing, of sending money through the ‘Western Union’ network to two members of the FDLR movement (a Hutu movement which includes some people wanted on charges of favoring the genocide of 1994) for the purpose of recruiting fighters for a new terrorist organization known as the ‘Coalition of Democratic Forces (CDF)’ the armed wing of the Unified Democratic Forces party- Inkingi (FDU-Inkingi), and which is led by Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza who was arrested and jailed two weeks ago.

“These are simply lies, there has never been any link between me and the FDLR,” reacted Rusesabagina from Bruxelles (Belgio), where he has been staying these days, accusing Rwandan president Paul Kagame of leading a denigration campaign toward him, MISNA reported.

“We need to remind Rwandan leaders that they too are accused of having perpetrated a genocide against the Hutus in the DR Congo. They are alleged criminals like so many other alleged criminals, who would like to take it out on the people,” said Rusesabagina, according to MISNA.

According to MISNA, the intention of the Kigali prosecutor’s office is to link the new case to the one involving Ms. Ingabire, accused of supporting and financing a terrorist type group.

Born from a Hutu father and Tutsi mother, married with a Tutsi, during the three months of the 1994 genocide Rusesabagina used his influences and diplomatic talent to placate the criminal intentions of the Hutu genocide perpetrators, succeeding in saving 1268 Tutsis and Hutus who had fled in the hotel.

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