US To Talk To China About New Passport Map At Center Of Diplomatic Row


The United States said Tuesday that it aims to talk to China about a map that includes Taiwan and other areas in the South China Sea inside that country’s new passports. Critics of the map claim it suggests China’s claims on the disputed regions.

The passport map has raised the hackles of India, The Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. It has been reported that India has retaliated by placing another map over the Chinese map.

China - US Relations
China – US Relations

“We do have concerns about this map which is causing tension and anxiety between and among the states in the South China Sea,” said U.S. State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland. “We do intend to raise this with the Chinese in terms of it not being helpful to the environment.”

“We all seek to resolve these issues,” Nuland said, adding that the U.S. has not been approached by ASEAN member countries.

“We’re going to take it up ourselves, we’ll obviously share that with them,” she said.

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