Iran: Rouhani Says Neutralizing Sanctions A Main Objective of National Budget


The president of Iran said his administration has devised a realistic, detailed and targeted budget for the next Iranian year with the purpose of nullifying the sanctions.

In comments on Sunday, Hassan Rouhani said the cabinet has prepared the national budget bill on the basis of comprehensive studies and the experience of three years of battle against the sanctions and the economic war imposed by the enemy.

The budget bill is based on an in-depth analysis of needs of people and is cohesive, targeted, realistic and accurate, he added.

The president said the budget bill for Iranian year 1400 (to being in March 2021) is aimed at neutralizing and nullifying the sanctions, removing the economic pressures, improving the livelihood of people, and overcoming the obstacles to production.

In comments earlier this month, Rouhani said Iran will sell up to 2.9 million barrels per day of oil in the next Iranian year if the sanctions are lifted, noting that the minimum daily crude sales will stand at 2.3 million barrels even if the sanctions remain in place.

The administration has submitted its proposed budget bill for the next Iranian fiscal year to the Parliament.

Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf recently described petrodollars as an unreliable source of income, saying what must be taken into account in formulating the national budget is non-reliance on oil incomes.

Tasnim News Agency

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