Iran: Regime Becoming Increasingly Desperate About Its Elections – OpEd


Throughout its history, Iran’s regime has maintained its hold on power through suppression and deceit. The regime has abused religion to impose its fundamentalistic ideology on the masses and massacre its opponents. However, the regime’s deceitful tactics in the name of Islam are becoming more hollow and less effective.

Even regime insiders have confessed to all the deceit of this regime.  On January 13, Khabar Online quoted journalist Abbas Abdi as saying, “These individuals are completely unfamiliar with the word ‘belief’ and for them, it has only been a game of words and nothing more… Wherever their interests lie, they deceitfully fabricate narratives that contradict the religious obligations that people believe in. Therefore, the issue is not about beliefs but about interests.”

In one of the latest examples of regime’s deception, the spokesperson for the Guardian Council, the body that oversees the elections, suddenly remembered the “people’s right” and announced that “unveiled women can also participate in the voting booths and exercise their right to choose representatives, and no individual or authority can deprive citizens of this right.”

This is coming from the same regime that fines, beats, imprisons, and even kills women who do not adhere to its medieval hijab rules.

People in society and social networks have ridiculed this hypocrisy. The state-run Hamdeli newspaper wrote on January 20, “If the same [unveiled] citizen intends to go to the airport, government offices, banks, etc. to exercise their ordinary citizenship rights, their presence in these institutions is prevented,” how can the regime support their right to vote? And loyalists of the regime, who have learned the lesson of deception from regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini, respond by saying, “Just as a convicted criminal serving time in prison can vote, it is the undeniable right of an unveiled lady to vote and there is no legal prohibition.”

The regime has demonstrated over the decades that it not only does not uphold any rights for its citizens, to the extent that it even murders individuals like Mahsa Amini for violating the imposed dress codes of the Islamic Republic, but now, in its moment of weakness and instability, it shamelessly exploits unveiled women for the theatrics of its elections and does not shy away from any extravagance.

More than ever, the regime’s maneuvers become evident, as Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, intended to divert attention from social crisis and uprisings on one hand through regional warmongering, and on the other hand by focusing on the elections and purging his own ranks. However, the situation has turned in a way that regional warmongering has only resulted in further vulnerability and continuous elimination of his key players, without yielding any significant results.

Missile attacks against other countries have also backfired, yielding no results other than the killing of innocent civilians and further condemnation and isolation of the entire mullahs’ regime.

Hence, it has become clear that different social classes have become aware of the weakness of the ruling regime and have explicitly declared in the strongest terms in every gathering that they will not participate in the regime’s electoral circus.

On January 19, Entekhab newspaper quoted two-term president Hassan Rohani and former head of Supreme National Security Council of the regime as saying that the regime’s “crisis of social capital,” the enormous defection of the regime’s loyal forces, and the gap between regime and the people has reached its deepest level possible.

Shamsi Saadati

Shamsi Saadati writes for the PMOI/MEK.

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