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PM Rajoy Says Majority Of Spanish People Want Stable And Moderate Government


Spain’s acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy once again conveyed to King Felipe VI that he does not have sufficient support to stand for a vote of investiture. During his appearance at Moncloa Palace, Rajoy reiterated his commitment for a government with broad parliamentary support to carry out lasting reforms and cement the economic recovery.

The acting Prime Minister appeared at Moncloa Palace after completing the third round of contacts held at Zarzuela Palace between the King and the different parliamentary leaders to nominate a candidate for Prime Minister.

“I conveyed to the King, in the same way as on the two previous occasions on which I was summoned, that I lack sufficient support to stand as a candidate,” Rajoy said.

Rajoy declared that the mandate that came out of the ballot box on December 20, 2015 was for the political groups to reach an understanding and form a pact, and he once again advocated a coalition between the two main parties, as happens elsewhere in Europe.

“This is the most reasonable proposal and the best thing for Spain and for the Spanish people,” Rajoy said.

In Rajoy’s opinion, a government with a broad parliamentary base and which agrees on the main issues – the unity of Spain, the equality of its citizens, European policy, foreign policy and defence policy – would enable “lasting reforms” to be carried out. He also pointed out that this would send out a message of “certainty and security” to the social and economic agents, investors and the markets, something that is fundamental “taking into account that the main national goal for the coming years must be to bed down the economic recovery, for this to reach everyone and for jobs to continue to be created”.

The Prime Minister regretted that it has not been possible “to hold talks” in the four months that have elapsed since the general elections.

“We respect the way everyone acts, but I believe that this must be corrected for the future,” said Rajoy, adding that during this period he has defended the interests of the majority of the Spanish people “who want to see a government in Spain governed by the principles of moderation, stability and calm”.

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