Music Not Haram, Singing Is: Quba Mosque Imam


The imam and preacher of the Quba Mosque in Madinah has said that music is not haram or forbidden.

Sheikh Saleh Al-Maghamsi clarified that he was referring to music, not singing, which he said is haram.

“The nation is in bad need of novelty and modernization, and I strongly believe in this, whether people accept my views or not,” he said during a talk show on MBC channel hosted by Yasser Amr and reported by local media.

Al-Maghamsi addressed a number of issues, including music, during the show. “I am not obliged to respond to any criticism on this issue. As for music, three Muslim scholars have said different things, although most of them agreed it is singing, not music, that is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. Music is not talk, it is instruments, which is not specifically mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.”

He said that singing nowadays mostly involve men and women together, and this is forbidden. “I was asked about music in mobile phones and the main issue here is criminalizing people and making the issue of music as if it is our main or primary cause.”

On the issue of building mosques, Al-Maghamsi said: “There are other areas also that we need to focus on. Mosques are everywhere, thanks to Allah the Almighty … every rich man builds a villa and a mosque in front of it.”

He added: “Building a mosque is good and recommended but building health facilities to treat poor patients and places for the displaced and other welfare services for the community are also important.”

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