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Sri Lanka: 180 Deaths From Floods And Landslides, 110 Missing


The number of deaths due to the floods and landslides has increased to 180, while 110 are missing, Sri Lanka’s Disaster Management Center said on Monday.


Flooding and landslides has affected 588,082, with about 76,902 people in 368 safety centers, the government said.

The National Building Research Organization has said that people in many provinces should move away from their homes even during a slight spell of rains due to the possible landslides. Additionally, steps have been taken to maintain the health services in the affected areas and the Public Health Inspectors have been given instructions to prevent a possible epidemic situation.

Earlier this week, the government increased the amount of money allocated for the preliminary relief measures in seven districts affected by the flood and landslide.

Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena has instructed officials to take immediate steps to provide compensation for the deaths and property damages caused by the adverse weather conditions resulting in floods and landslides.


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