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Imran Khan’s Political Dilemma – OpEd


Ousted and power hungry former Prime Minister Imran Khan is creating unrest and chaos in the country from his politics. His false slogans and US conspiracy accusations are leading country towards darkness and civil war. 


Every elite politician always wants to stay in power and love to rule this poor nation. Despite knowing the fact that this is a country full of problems and leading this country is not “a bed of roses.” 

But one thing is common among all our politicians, whenever they lose their beloved seat; all political leaders blame establishment and judiciary for their ouster whether it’s former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif or Imran Khan. 

This time Imran Khan added a new blame game in this power politics, “US conspiracy, a threat letter” against government of PTI. It is a serious allegation and it is very dangerous at the same time for Pakistan and US relations. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan however failed to give concrete evidence about his so called US conspiracy. Khan also claimed that opposition brought vote of no confidence on US orders; however it turned out to be a false accusation also. National security committee also rejected conspiracy claims of Imran Khan. 

Washington has dismissed these accusations categorically. Imran Khan forgot that US is important economic and security partner of Pakistan and his narrative may hurt interest of Pakistan. 

The former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that those who had hatched the conspiracy were very happy that he was ousted from the government. I was not dangerous when I was part of the government, but I will be more dangerous now. We will not accept an imported government and people have shown what they want by holding demonstrations against the move,” he said.


Imran Khan is well known for playing Islamic card for his politics and he always put serious allegations on his opponents. Imran Khan is turning himself to be a cult leader.  

Hiding behind US and Islamic card, Khan doesn’t like to talk about his own performance in last tenure of his government. Inflation was at peak during his period and life of poor suddenly turned miserable due to bad economic policies. Country did not get mega projects during his tenure. Imran Khan Cabinet was full of incompetent and incapable Ministers and advisers. Lack of experience to govern a country was another issue. Team of PTI government was not well prepared and there was no homework to address real problems of this country.  

How can we forget here the bad governance and incompetency of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. Despite pressure from all the groups, khan was reluctant to keep Usman Buzdar as Chief Minister of Punjab at any cost. Khan legal team also failed big time to bring corruption evidence against their political rivals in court and faced humiliation.  

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan was not expecting to be ousted from power like this; it was a big shock to him. He tried everything to stop motion of no confidence against him but all effort was in vain. Imran khan then decided to play a victim card by going in public and letting them know that it was the US and institutions which were behind this whole game. Unfortunately, Imran Khan got the popularity after this narrative and emotional public accepted his false US conspiracy idea.  

Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI) leadership is well trained for brain washing the youth by raising false slogans and maligning opponents. This party always triggers extreme emotions among the followers by using social Media tools. Whenever anyone raises the voice and asks about the performance of PTI government, PTI leaders and Imran khan himself start crying foul by putting blame on previous regimes and always come out with excuses that Pakistan is not easy to govern. 

Imran Khan wants to be remembering himself as a Hero like “Zulfiqar ali Bhutto” in Politics of Pakistan. But it will never happen because Imran Khan is taking his political towards extremism and creating polarization in the society by spreading false rhetoric. He wants everyone to be his side even establishment and judiciary. This narrative will take politics of Pakistan towards darkness and destruction. No matter what, Imran Khan wants to be a Prime Minister one more time at any cost.  

Ahsan Zaheer is a freelance journalist and Islamabad based analyst. You can reach me on my email id: [email protected]

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