While People Of Iran Celebrate Death Of A Tyrant, The UN And EU Mourn Demise Of This Oppressor – OpEd


While the people of Iran celebrate the death of a tyrant, the United Nations and the European Union mourn the demise of this oppressor! 

In the past hundred years, millions have sacrificed their lives for freedom, human rights, and universal values so that humanity could have a dignified life and a bright future. But now, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, we see the Secretary-General of the United Nations signing a memorial book for a butcher named Ebrahim Raisi who mercilessly massacred thousands of political prisoners! 

Members of the UN Security Council rise to mourn the death of this tyrant and observe a minute of silence! The UN flag in Geneva is lowered to half-mast for Raisi’s death, and the United Nations announces holding a ceremony to commemorate his death! 

Antonio Gutierrez, Joe Biden, Josep Borrell, Rafael Groszy, and others rush to offer condolences to the Iranian regime, fuelling anger and disgust at such immorality, lack of dignity, and disrespect for human rights and the victims of human rights violations. 

Johanna Kotar, a member of the German Federal Parliament, wrote on her X account: The European Union first participates in the search for Raisi’s body and now offers condolences, saying a murderer and perpetrator of genocide has been eliminated, while the people of Iran are under oppression celebrating, and the European Union is crying. This is no longer understandable to anyone. Such a European Union must go, and a completely new vessel and approach must be created. Shame on you! 

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote in an article on Fox News about Biden’s condolences for the death of Ebrahim Raisi: The death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi following a helicopter crash in Northern Iran this week has sent shockwaves throughout the Middle East and the world. While his sudden passing is unlikely to bring any immediate change within Iran, it does provide an opportunity for Team Biden to reset its approach and keep America, Israel, and the entire Middle East safe. Unfortunately, instead of deterring the regime focused on the murder of Americans and our allies, the Biden administration offered its “condolences.” He added “Unfortunately, the Biden administration’s offering of condolences to the regime signals that it has not learned from its mistakes.” 

Ten U.S. Congress members condemned the condolences for the killer Raisi by presenting a resolution, condemning the State Department’s statement of condolence for Raisi’s death. Hoyer, Stauber, Norcross, Miller, Burchett, Lamborn, McMorris Rodgers, Finstra, Moran, and Kim from California were the sponsors of this resolution. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, the British Secretary of State for Security has stated that he does not mourn for Raisi due to the regime’s role in killing thousands of Iranians inside the country. 

Amnesty International issued a statement declaring that President Raisi’s death must not deny victims of his grim human rights legacy their right to accountability. On Friday, May 23, 2024, Amnesty International declared that “The death of President Ebrahim Raisi must not deny people in Iran their right to justice, truth and reparation for the litany of crimes under international law and human rights Violations committed since the 1980s during his time in the echelons of power, said Amnesty International today, following his passing in a helicopter crash in East Azerbaijan province.” 

Additionally, Sara Hussein, the head of the UN Truth Commission, on Monday, May 27 2024, in response to the death of the executioner Raisi, wrote in a letter referring to the reports of this committee on the human rights situation in Iran, “Raisi’s death should not lead to the forgetting of human rights violations in Iran.”

 She harshly addressed the situation of women and children under the rule of the Iranian regime in her letter: “The Truth Commission, which was tasked with investigating and obtaining facts about the suppression of the people, especially women and children, after the nationwide protests in 2021 in Iran, stated in its latest report that the Iranian government is blatantly violating human rights in this regard, and some of their actions amount to crimes against humanity.” Continuing her letter, Sara Hussein condemned the repressive policies and violations of international law by the Iranian regime, demanding an end to further restrictions on women. 

On May 30, 2024, the Iranian-American Communities Organization (OIAC) issued a call for protests in New York and protested the shameful move by the United Nations and the holding of a memorial service for the executioner Raisi by this organization. 

Fara Mahmoudi

Fara Mahmoudi is an Iranian Kurdish political and human right activist.

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