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Iran Says Willing To Cooperate To Achieve Syria Peace Plan


Iran has announced that it is prepared to offer its assistance and collaboration in the implementation of Kofi Annan’s peace plan for Syria.

IRNA reports that Mohammad Khazai, Iran’s envoy to the United Nations, said on Thursday: “The Islamic Republic believes that the Kofi Annan plan is the best solution to exit the current impasse in Syria and welcomes any cooperation or discussion with Kofi Annan.”

Annan, the UN special envoy to Syria, has tried to implement a peace plan in Syria that includes an immediate halt to armed violence, the initiation of talks between the involved parties in Syria, the removal of armed government forces from various regions, the delivery of humanitarian aid to victims and the release of prisoners.”

Khazai also criticized the opposition to Iran’s presence at a planned summit for the Syrian crisis, which he described as “a strategic error by the United States.”

“Iran’s constructive and central role in resolving the regional crises is undeniable,” Khazai said.

Annan has invited the permanent UN Security Council members — the U.S., Russia, China, Britain and France — as well as Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, and Qatar together with EU and UAE representatives to participate in the summit to resolve the Syrian situation. Iran and Saudi Arabia have been excluded from the meeting.

Annan has said, however, that he will inform Iran of the outcome of the talks. Annan has been inclined to include Iran in the discussion, but Western countries have rejected the idea and described Iran as part of the problem, not the solution.

The meeting will take place next month in Geneva.

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One thought on “Iran Says Willing To Cooperate To Achieve Syria Peace Plan

  • June 29, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    They want to do something soon, domestic issues going on Syria are one matter, but soon it likely to be a regional war. And that is another thing altogether. At the very least Iran will send thousands of al_Quds forces to fight on the side of Assad in an Iraq style insurgency. Iran is helping Assad but they have not sent thousands and thousands of al-Quds yet. There won’t be a front line between Turkey an Syria just one big insurgency with the PKK operating behind the lines hitting logistics one big battlefield it won’t just be in Syria it will be in Turkey also, insurgency. Look at the trouble the al-Quds caused in Iraq.

    The conventional phase of the war is just that the first phase the al-Quds are used in the second phase insurgency, that is what happened in Iraq the first phase was over quickly the second phase took years. An the Turkish Army is not the US Army. You will leave when the IRG say you can, if they do.

    I am not being pro-Iran it is just the facts, the realities. They have safe havens in both Iraq and Iran to wage an insurgency from.

    Turkey will make the Iraq war mistake all over again and does not have the power to forge a deal with Tehran, like the US could. If you don’t let us out and stop the insurgency you will be bombed into the stone age, a car park, landfill. That was plan B.

    That was 6 years ago the US is more power than Turkey and Iran is now much more power than 6 years a regional power. I would think carefully war are easy to get into hard to get out of.


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