The Sources Of Terrorism In Azerbaijan – OpEd


Since the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal with Iran, the level of activity of followers of terrorist organizations has increased significantly in Iran. This has a great impact on the Caspian region security.

The law enforcement agencies in the region, including the State Security Service of Azerbaijan, have been successfully fighting international terrorism and extremism, but the recent rapid events have made the countries seriously concerned and to mobilize efforts.

In June, the security forces of Iran eliminated more than 15 terrorists and detained 30 men on suspicion of jihadi terrorist activities. Given the fact that most cases of resumption of terrorist activities recorded in north-western Iran, in West Azerbaijan Province, it highly likely effects negatively the situation and the security of Azerbaijan Republic as well.

Being in an open confrontation with Tehran, Washington takes into account that the territory of Iran borders the hotbeds of activity of transnational terrorist structures – Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

The White House has certain channels of influence on some existing terrorist organizations in the Middle East. The US considers the factor of terrorism as an instrument of pressure on Iran. In April Iran officially accused the United States of its intention to use terrorists to promote its own interests.
Each terrorist attack, whether it was committed or not, can present covered, but a significant threat.

Overall, the spread of extremist ideology remains a problem in the Caspian region. Azerbaijan is not an exception.

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