Iran Says No Talks With US Until Sanctions Are Lifted


Renewed hopes for talks between U.S. President Donald Trump and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani were dealt a blow on Tuesday, August 27 when Rouhani said there would be no meeting until economic sanctions imposed on Tehran are removed, CNN reports.

“No positive development will happen in Iran-US ties without them lifting sanctions and abandoning their hostile actions,” Rouhani said in a televised speech — a day after Trump said there was a “really good chance” the men could meet in the coming weeks.

“We will change our behavior towards those who imposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran and committed economic terrorism, if they show remorse,” Rouhani added.

The Iranian leader’s remarks came in the wake of discussions at the G7 summit in Biarritz, France about potential Rouhani-Trump talks.

French President Emmanuel Macron has pushed for a meeting between the two men, and extended a surprise G7 invitation to Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif over the weekend, though Trump did not meet with the envoy while he was in Biarritz.

“At one moment or another there must be a meeting between the President of Iran and the President of the United States,” Macron said during a joint news conference with Trump at the end of the summit on Monday, adding that Rouhani had told him he was open to the idea.

Standing next to Macron, Trump said: “If the circumstances were correct or right I would certainly agree to that. In the meantime they have to be good players.”

Rouhani said Tuesday that Iran would continue to scale back its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal if sanctions were not lifted.

The United States reimposed sanctions on Iran after pulling out from the deal in 2018. In turn, Iran has increased enrichment of uranium and its stockpiles beyond the levels stipulated by the 2015 agreement.

“Our path is clear: if they return to their commitments, we will do the same, and we are looking after settling issues through the logical way,” Rouhani said.


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One thought on “Iran Says No Talks With US Until Sanctions Are Lifted

  • August 29, 2019 at 11:16 am

    I think the Islamic Republic of Iran’s decision is the correct one. Trump imposed economic sanctions on Iran to kill the Iranian people because they are Muslims and others. Dictators and Zionists always enjoy killing peaceful innocent people. These sanctions will kill babies and elderly as happened in Iraq and currently in venezeulla. Trump through Pompeo imposed 12 conditions on the Islamic Republic of Iran. These conditions mean that Iran has to surrendered to US imperialism. For example, when a country drops its weapons that country will be eliminated. This happened to Iraq. When Iraq had weapons and army George Bush 1 did not invade Iraq in 1991. When Iraq droped its weapons and downsized his army and strong forces, Goerge Bush 2 invaded Iraq with 120K soldiers only. If the the one division of the previous army was there these forces would have been eliminated from the port of entry. Bolton announced that this plan which was applied to Libya and called the Libyan Model would be applied to North Korea too.
    These historical facts or evidence are there. Iran under the leadership of Ayat Allah and President Rohani does have these facts and may have more additional facts and methods of US imperialism, the one who returned the Shah of Iran in 1954 and killed PM Musad’deq, the elected official. Using and processing these evidence suggest that in either way Iran will be in danger. It follows that not to surrender is the best way. That is, no negotiations until you drop your sanctions and return to the deal of 5 plus 1. No country will negotiate and the sward on the negotiators.
    This also suggests that the ball is in Trump’s hand. If he goes to war, Iran with its allied resistance forces from Palestine to Syria to Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen are all ready to fight and die for their interests. They have to survive as a whole, because if Iran goes, these allied forces will go. As a whole this massive forces willing to die have very high chance of defeating US forces in the shortest war in history. I think Trump and his generals know that and do not want to see their troops being taken as prisoners of war which will later cost US many billions to pay to release them from Iran captivity.
    Finally, the Islamic Republic is taking the difficult way because Trump and Pompeo are ignorant in dealing with other countries. They think that by tweeting and talks other countries will surrender. This will not happen.
    It is also fair to state that Trump always says that he does not want Iran to produce Nukes because he wants US and Israel have the NUKES only: Always Monopoly Not Competition. Iran has not interest in producing NUKES and will not produce NUKES. Trump knows but just talking non-sense because he wants the Islamic Republic of Iran to submit and to recognize the zionist state of Israel. Trump works for Israel, not for the USA. But these demands will not be materialized. So, it is up to Trump and Iran will not be idle.


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