Iran: Parliament Condemns Saudi Role In Bahraini, Yemeni Crackdown


Iran’s Parliament has issued a statement condemning the “cold-blooded killings” of the people of Yemen and Bahrain, slamming Saudi Arabia’s role in oppressing the protesters.

The statement, signed by 212 of the 290 MPs, states that “the killing of innocent people in these two countries, in light of Saudi Arabia’s role, shows the weakness of the governments of Bahrain and Yemen.”

The statement urged the UN to send a delegation to investigate the human rights situation and to “prevent Saudi Arabia from interfering in the internal affairs of (other) countries.”

The statement also condemns “the Western world’s silence” in the face of “brutal killing of the oppressed people of Yemen and the violent crackdown on the defenseless people of Bahrain,” which they conclude shows that Western posturing around human rights is a sham.

In March, Saudi troops entered Manama to suppress protests that had gone on for months against the ruling family . The Saudi intervention gave rise to tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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